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Fall 2020 100% online, asynchronous

Course Organization
Lab exercises Skills quizzes Presentations
Final project

*Counts for Certificates in Applied Atmospheric Science and Meteorology and Climatology*

Instructor: Dr. Corene Matyas

Emphasis on using GIS for spatial data analysis

Basic terminology for atmospheric science
Global and regional reanalysis datasets
Doppler radar
Satellite-based rainfall estimates
Spatial analysis using GIS

Pick your case for:
Researchers using GIS
Landfalling hurricane
Final project related to your
thesis/ dissertation research

MET4532-MET6530 Hurricanes
Instructor: Dr. Corene Matyas
Learn about Hurricane Andrew and 20 other famous tropical cyclones!
Prerequisites: GEO3250 or MET3503 (email me if you are graduating and I’ll consider an over-ride)

Turlington 3006
M Per. 4-5, W Per. 5
If moved online, will meet synchronously
Course Components:
Forecasting Labs
Maps Discussions and Updates from the National Hurricane Center
Presentation on Famous Storm
Data Analysis Project for your Portfolio

Applies to certificates in: Applied Atmospheric Science (Graduate)
and Meteorology and Climatology (Undergraduate)

Image courtesy Dr. Corene Matyas

Dr. Corene Matyas received the award for Excellence in Teaching at the 2019 annual meeting of the Southeastern Division of the American Association of Geographers. This award acknowledges sustained excellence and creativity in the college classroom. Winners meet the following criteria: (1) Exceptional commitment to effective geography teaching; (2) Record of efforts to help diffuse excellent geography teaching beyond one’s immediate classroom (teaching-related publications, workshops, web sites, textbooks, etc.); (3) Recognition of teaching excellence by department, school, or other organizations; (4) Support of teaching excellence via student evaluations or comments. Thanks to Dr. Waylen for nominating Dr. Matyas and to the 3 former students who wrote letters of support.

Image courtesy Dr. Corene Matyas

In January, Dr. Corene Matyas was recognized for her work on hurricanes at the Women in the Tropics special session at the annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society.

Dr. Joanne Simpson is at the upper center of the image – the first woman in the U.S. to receive a PhD in meteorology (1949) who would become a leader in hurricane research. The other women shown on the slide, including Dr. Matyas, were acknowledged for their contributions to hurricane-related research during this presentation by Dr. Kristen Corbosiero (University at Albany, SUNY).

Compound Flood Risk in a Changing Climate
Water, Wetlands, and Watersheds Seminar at the UF Howard T. Odum Center for Wetlands
Dr. Katy Serafin will talk about compound drivers of flooding along both open coasts and coastal rivers in a changing climate.
11:45am, Phelps 101, UF campus
Can’t make it? Watch the video!

Is Florida Trying to Kill Me?
Science on Tap: Hurricanes
Join the Florida Museum of Natural History and UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute for an engaging conversation about hurricanes with Dr. Corene Matyas at First Magnitude Brewing Company.
More info:

Image courtesy

Hurricane Dorian is moving up the coast and passing Florida, but there’s still a healthy amount of moisture being pulled into the storm. UF tropical storm expert Dr. Corene Matyas checked in with with the latest update on Hurricane Dorian, its impacts in Florida and projected conditions along the U.S. East Coast this afternoon. See the full interview here.