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UF Student Success Web Site

This recently launched web site will provide you a central location for finding information about how to thrive amid COVID-19. Check here often for ways to receive free tutoring; participate in peer mentoring; connect with an academic advisor, counselor, or coach; find out how to engage with faculty, each other, and campus; and connect with us to ask for assistance or share your ideas.

  • UF-Knack Tutoring Collaboration
  • UF Coaching
  • UF Peer Mentoring

UF’s Our Plan Forward Coronavirus Plan

Student Health Care Center COVID-19 Services

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Fall 2020 Reopening

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Beyond120

For Grads: There is an online therapy service called “Talkspace” available at no cost, and GAs can also use UF’s employee assistance program (EAP). EAP provides 24/7 access to talking with a mental healthcare professional. See attached flyer with more information.

TALKSPACE: visit or
EAP: (833) 306-0103
CWC: (352) 392-1575