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Colloquium Rubric

Spring 2018 Geography Colloquium Schedule

Thursdays 8th period (3-3:50 PM)

Turlington 3012

11 January
Dr. Sadie Ryan

18 January
Managing for resilience to natural hazards in cities: an integrated geospatial approach to assess risks, impacts, and exposure

25 January
Risk Perception, Vulnerability, & Communication for Extreme Weather Events​

1 February
Understanding human judgement on environmental risks and hazards in a spatial context

8 February
Mr. Fergus Keatinge
Weather, Climate and Crops; Forecasting and Commodity Simulation in the Southeast United States

15 February
Dr. Leah R. Johnson
Mathematical Models and the Fundamental Thermal Niche of Huanglongbing, a Vector-Borne Pathogen of Citrus Trees

22 February
Dr. Jane Southworth
Grad Student Q&A With the Department Chair

1 March

8 March

15 March
Mr. Mohammed Abdulrahman
Channel Bed and Geometry Changes in the Upper Atchafalaya River, 1967 to 2006

22 March
Dr. Carrie Reinhold Adams
Data driven decision-making for natural resource management: Plant community information to manage Lake Apopka North Shore Marsh Restoration

29 March
Dr. Abraham Goldman
Tropical Africa and the Political Economy of Mitigating and Coping with Global Climate Change

5 April
Dr. Anni Djurhuus
Environmental DNA – a new tool for exploring biodiversity

12 April
American Association of Geographers (AAG)

19 April