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SOUTHWORTH_005_150_200Dr. Jane Southworth
Department Chair and Professor
ASH_150_200Dr. Kevin Ash
Assistant Professor
BINFORD_150_200Dr. Michael Binford
BLACKBURN_150_200-3Dr. Jason Blackburn
Associate Professor
CHILD_002_150_200Dr. Brian Child
Associate Professor
FIK_150_200Dr. Timothy Fik
Associate Professor
GLASS_150_200Dr. Greg Glass
Dr. Gabriela Hamerlinck
Assistant Professor
Dr. Yujie Hu
Assistant Professor
Dr. Heidi Lannon
Adjunct Professor
Dr. Liang Mao
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator
MATYAS_150_200Dr. Corene Matyas
MOSSA_150_200Dr. Joann Mossa
MULLENS_150_200Dr. Esther Mullens
Assistant Professor
Stephen Mullens
Adjunct Instructor
Dr. Michael Norris
Research Assistant Professor
NOSS_150_200Dr. Andy Noss
Adjunct Professor
RYAN_150_200Dr. Sadie Ryan
Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator
Dr. Katy Serafin
Assistant Professor
SIMMONS_150_200Dr. Cynthia S. Simmons
Associate Professor
M. Anwar Sounny-Slitine
WALKER_150_200Dr. Robert Walker
WALTHER_150_200Dr. Olivier Walther
Assistant Professor
WAYLEN_150_200Dr. Peter Waylen

Affiliate Faculty

Dr. Joel Correia
DONOHOE_150_200Dr. Holly Donohoe
SWISHER_150_200Dr. Marilyn (Mickie) Swisher

Emeritus Faculty

CAVIEDES_150_200Dr. Cesar Caviedes
Dr. Stephen Golant - Professor
GOLDMAN_150_200Dr. Abraham Goldman - Associate Professor
Dr. Ary J. Lamme, III
MCDADE-GORDON_150_200Dr. Barbara McDade-Gordon - Associate Professor
smithDr. Nigel Smith

Faculty Focus Areas