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Dr. Joann Mossa


Dr. Joann Mossa



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Focus Areas

Areas of Specialization

  • Fluvial Geomorphology
  • Disturbed/Modified Rivers and River Restoration
  • Fluvial and Coastal Hazards
  • Riverine-Coastal interactions

Educational Background

  • PhD in Geography, Louisiana State University, 1990
  • M.S. in Geography, Louisiana State University, 1983
  • B.A. in Geography, Rutgers College, 1980

Recent Courses

  • GEO 3341 Extreme Floods
  • GEO 4281 Fluvial Morphology and Processes
  • GEO 4930 Senior Seminar
  • GEO 6119 Proposal Writing in Geography
  • GEO 6348 Floods Seminar

Current Graduate Students



Recent Graduate Students



In My Own Words

My recent research focuses on modified or disturbed rivers and river     restoration, but my interests include sediments, fluvial and coastal hazards, hydrology and soils. I hold affiliate appointments in Geological Sciences, Hydrologic Sciences, and the School of Natural Resources and     Environment. I recently was awarded the College of Liberal Arts and   Sciences Advising Award (2012) and have also received two Teaching Awards (1994 & 1998). For the profession, I serve on the editorial board of Physical Geography and the Southeastern Geographer, and was Chair of the Geomorphology Specialty Group and the Coastal and Marine Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers and President of the Florida Society of Geographers. Besides being at UF, I have also been a visiting faculty scientist at the Waterways Experiment Station, US Army Corps of Engineers in Vicksburg, MS, and a research associate at   the Louisiana Geological Survey. I have been the Chair or Co-Chair of 8 PhD. and 20 Masters Committees, and enjoy getting to know graduate students and our majors.

Recent Publications

J. Mossa, Y. Chen, S. Walls, G. Kondolf, C. Wu, 2017, Anthropogenic landforms and sediments from dredging and disposing sand along the Apalachicola River and its floodplain, Geomorphology, Vol. 294, pp. 119-134

Blanton, K., Mossa, J., Kiefer, J., and Wise, W.R., 2010, Bankfull Indicators in Small Blackwater Streams in Peninsular Florida: Reliability and Relations with Hydrology, Papers of the Southeastern Geographer, 50(4): 422-444.

Mossa, J.. and Heitmuller, F.T. (2011) Introduction to the physical geography of medium-sized rivers, focusing on the southeastern and south-central United States, Physical Geography, Vol. 32, 5, pp. 393-398.

Mossa, J.. and Marks, S.R. (2011) Pit avulsions and planform change on a mined river floodplain: Tangipahoa River, Louisiana, U.S.A., Physical Geography, Vol. 32, 6, pp. 512-532.

Rasmussen, J.L. and Mossa, J. (2011) Oxbow lakes as indicators of channel change, Leaf River Mississippi, USA, Physical Geography, Vol. 32, 6, pp. 497-511.

Mossa, J. and James, L.A. (2012) Impacts of mining on geomorphic systems: A global perspective. Volume 13: Geomorphology of Human Disturbances, Hazards, and Climate Change, Treatise on Geomorphology (13.6), Elsevier, 22 pp.

Selected Earlier Publications

Mossa, J., 2006, Quantifying Channel Planform Change, Papers of the Applied Geography Conference, v. 29, pp. 65-70.

Brim-Box, J., and Mossa, J., 1999, Sediments, land use, and freshwater mussels: Prospects and problems, Journal of the North American Benthologists Society, v. 18(1), pp. 99-117.

Mossa, J., and Konwinski, J., 1998, Thalweg variability at bridges along a large karst river, Engineering Geology, v. 49, pp.15-30.

Mossa, J., and McLean, M.B., 1997, Channel planform and land cover changes on a mined river floodplain: Amite River, Louisiana, USA, Applied Geography, v. 17(1), pp. 43-54.

Mossa, J., 1996, Sediment dynamics of the lowermost Mississippi River, Engineering Geology, v. 45, pp. 457-79.

Mossa, J., and Schumacher, B.A., 1993, Fossil tree casts in south Louisiana soils, Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, v. 63 (4), pp. 707-13.