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Dr. Jane Southworth



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Florida Climate Institute:


Areas of Specialization

  • Remote Sensing
  • Climate Change , Climate Variability and Modeling
  • Land Use Land Cover Change

Educational Background

Recent Courses

  • GEO 3151 Foundations of G.I.S.    GEO 2242  Extreme Weather  GEO 4938 Remote Sensing in the Environment  GEO 5134C   Remote Sensing GEO 5177C   G.I.S. in Research GEO 5920 Geography Colloquium   GEO 6938 Land Use Land Cover Change Seminar GEO 6938  Publish or Perish



 2011 Association of American Geographers E. Willard and Ruby S. Miller   AwardThis annual award   recognizes members of the Association who have made truly outstanding   contributions to the geographic field due to their special competence in   teaching and research. (http://www.aag.org/cs/awards/miller)
2007-2010 Awarded a   University of Florida Research Foundation Professorship
2004 Received a CLAS Faculty Teaching   Award for 2004-05

Recent Publications

Current Research Publications (2012-2013 only)

In Press: Miguel A. Campo-Bescos , Rafael Muñoz-Carpena, Jane Southworth, Likai
Zhu, Peter R. Waylen and Erin Bunting. Combined spatial and temporal effects of
environmental controls on monthly NDVI in southern Africa savannas. Remote

In Press: Southworth, J., Rigg, L., Gibbes C., Waylen, P., Zhu, L.,
McCarragher, S., Cassidy, L. Integrating dendrochronology, climate and
satellite remote sensing to better understand savanna landscape dynamics in the
Okavango Delta, Botswana. LAND

In Press: J. Sun, J. Southworth. Mapping multiscale impacts of deforestation in
the Amazonian rainforest from 1986 to 2010, Journal of Land Use Science

2013 Campo-Bescos, M.A., R. Munoz-Carpena, D.A. Kaplan, J. Southworth, L. Zhu
and P.R. Waylen. Beyond precipitation: physiographic thresholds dictate the
relative importance of environmental drivers on savanna vegetation. PLoS ONE,
8(8): e72348. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0072348

2013 J. Sun, J. Southworth. Retrospective analysis of landscape dynamics using
normalized spectral entropy. Remote Sensing Letters, Vol. 4, No. 11, 1049–1056,

2013 Likai Zhu and Jane Southworth. Disentangling the relationships between net
primary production and precipitation in southern Africa savannas using satellite
observations from 1982 to 2010. Remote Sensing, 5, 3803-3825;

2013 J. Sun, J. Southworth. Indicating landscape connectivity in Amazonian
Rainforests from 1986 to 2010 using morphological image processing analysis,
International Journal of Remote Sensing, 34(14): 5187-5200.

2013 Cassidy, L., J. Southworth, C. Gibbes, & M.W. Binford. Beyond
classifications: Combining continuous and discrete approaches to better
understand land-cover change within the lower Mekong River region. Applied
Geography, 39: 26-45.

2013 Erin Bunting, Jessica Steele, Eric Keys, Shylock Muyengwa, Brian Child,
Jane Southworth. 2013. Local Perception of Risk to Livelihoods in the Semi-Arid
Landscape of Southern Africa. LAND 2(2): 225-251.

2013 Xia Cui, Cerian Gibbes, Jane Southworth, Peter Waylen. 2013. Using Remote
Sensing to Quantify Vegetation Change and Ecological Resilience in a Semi-arid
System. LAND, 2(2): 108-130.

2013 Sun, J., Z. Huang, J. Southworth. Y. Qiu. Mapping fractality during the
process of deforestation in an Amazon tri-national frontier, Remote Sensing
Letters, 4:6, 589 -598. DOI:10.1080/2150704X.2013.771827.

2013 Perz, S., Y. Qiu, Y. Xia, J. Southworth, J. Sun, M. Marsik, K. Rocha, V.
Passos, D. Rojas, G. Alarcon, G. Barnes, C. Baraloto. Trans-boundary
Infrastructure and Land Cover Change: Highway Paving and Community-level
Deforestation in a Tri-national Frontier in the Amazon Land Use Policy, Land
Use Policy, 34, 27 – 41.

2013 Sun, J., & J. Southworth. Remote sensing-based fractal analysis and
scale dependence associated with forest fragmentation in an Amazon tri-national
frontier. Remote Sensing, 5(2): 454-472.

2012 Southworth, J., H. Nagendra, & L. Cassidy*. Evaluating forest
transition pathways in Asia: Case studies from Nepal, India, Thailand and
Cambodia. Land Use Science, 7 (1): 51-65.

2012 Adhikari, S., & J. Southworth. Simulating forest cover changes of
Bannerghatta National Park on a CA-Markov model. Remote Sensing, 4(1):

2012 Gonzalez-Roglich, M., Southworth J., & Branch L.C. The role of private
lands for conservation: Land cover change analysis in the Calgenal savanna
ecosystem, Argnetina. Applied Geography, 34: 281-288.

2012 Hartter, J., S.J. Ryan, J. Southworth, & C. Chapman. Landscapes as
continuous entities: forest disturbance and recovery in the Albertine Rift
landscape. Landscape Ecology, 26(6) 877-890

2012 Cumming, G.S., J. Southworth, X.J. Rondon, & M. Marsik. Spatial
complexity in fragmenting Amazonian rainforests: Do feedbacks from edge effects
push forests towards an ecological threshold? Ecological Complexity, 11: 67-74

2012 Gaughan, A., F. Stevens, C. Gibbes, J. Southworth & M. Binford.
Linking vegetation response to seasonal precipitation in the
Okavango-Kwando-Zambezi catchment of southern Africa. International Journal of
Remote Sensing, 33:21, 6783-6804

2012 Rhondon, X.J., G.S. Cumming, R.E. Cossio & J. Southworth. The effects
of selective logging behaviors on forest fragmentation and recovery.
International Journal of Forestry Research, Volume 2012, Article ID 170974, 10
pages doi:10.1155/2012/170974


2009 Nagendra, H., and Southworth J., Editors ‘Reforesting Landscapes: Linking
Pattern and Process’ Springer’s Landscape Series.

2002 Doering, O.C., Randolph, J.C., Southworth, J., and R.A. Pfeiffer (Eds.).
Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Agricultural Production Systems.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Norwell, MA, USA pp. 275

Graduate Students Currently Supervised


 In Mexico with some of my graduate students and students whose committee’s I am on.


  • Forrest Stevens Ph.D. (Spring 2009)
  • Mehmet Ozdes Ph.D. (Fall 2012)                                                        

In My Words / Biography

My research interests are based on the study of human-environment interactions within the field of Land Change Science. All of my research is undertaken with highly interdisciplinary research teams which involve both social and physical scientists. It is this interdisciplinary focus on research problems that interests me and for which I was trained. Within such interdisciplinary teams my particular strengths lie in the remote sensing of vegetation dynamics; land use, land cover change and land change modeling; the implications of scale and scaling in remote sensing and modeling analyses; people and parks; and modeling of the impacts of climate change on human-environment systems and vegetation dynamics.

Several interests include modeling of the impacts of climate change on agricultural and forest ecosystems, remote sensing of land cover change and land cover change modeling, the implications of scale and scaling in remote sensing and modeling analyses, and human-environment interactions. Specific topics include changes in mean climate conditions and in changing climate variability on plant-environment interactions. My doctoral research examined three different but related topics: (1) consequences of future climate change and changing climate variability on agricultural systems in the Midwestern United States, (2) modeling the impacts of climate change on Midwestern forest ecosystems using an integrated GIS approach, and (3) land cover change in Western Honduras and the Yucatan, Mexico, using remote-sensing methodologies.


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