COVID-19 Resources

UF Student Success Web Site This recently launched web site will provide you a central location for finding information about how to thrive amid COVID-19. Check here often for ways to receive free tutoring; participate in peer mentoring; connect with an academic advisor, counselor, or coach; find out how to engage with faculty, each other, […]

Misconceptions About Weather and Seasonality Impact COVID-19 Response

GAINESVILLE, FL – Misconceptions about the way climate and weather impact exposure and transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, create false confidence and have adversely shaped risk perceptions, say a team including University of Florida researcher Dr. Sadie Ryan. “Future scientific work on this politically-fraught topic needs a more careful approach,” write the […]

Misconceptions about weather and seasonality must not misguide COVID-19 response

RYAN – Misconceptions about weather and seasonality must not misguide COVID-19 response Colin J. Carlson, Ana C. R. Gomez, Shweta Bansal & Sadie J. Ryan Article first published online: 27 AUG 2020 Nature Communications ABSTRACT: Weather may marginally affect COVID-19 dynamics, but misconceptions about the way that climate and weather drive exposure and transmission have […]

Safely studying the Coronavirus at UF

GAINESVILLE, FL – SEER Lab Medical Geographer Dr. Michael Norris has launched a new BSL3 lab specifically to study COVID-19 at the Emerging Pathogens Institute. When the pandemic initially broke out, Dr. Norris initially offered his time to help with the testing effort, but quickly realized that his skills could be better utilized elsewhere. He […]

In a time of COVID-19, Dr. Ryan talked about deforestation and viral emergence with WLRN

WLRN spoke with Dr. Sadie Ryan, an associate professor of medical geography at the University of Florida. She talked about what we can learn from these studies now that we’re living in a pandemic in a story titled New Study Says Deforestation Could Help Viruses Jump From Animals To Humans, Amid COVID-19 Pandemic.

Flying Under the Radar

GAINESVILLE, FL – University of Florida Associate Professor of Medical Geography Dr. Sadie Ryan (Emerging Pathogens Institute, Quantitative Disease Ecology & Conservation Lab) spoke with WUFT News about vector-borne disease in the time of coronavirus in Flying Under the Radar. “It’s not like mosquitoes went on hold because of COVID,” she said. “The message needs to stay alive.” […]