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How to apply for a certificate

  • Scroll down to the Certificate section and click the appropriate button for current or non-current student. Current students will NOT incur a fee.
  • For current students: the college of your current major must first approve of your application. Then, the Certificate Coordinator reviews your transcripts and makes an admission decision.
  • You will not receive an email confirmation of your admission – you should return to the application page where it will list whether a decision has been entered yet or not.
  • You must be enrolled in the certificate at least one term prior to the term in which you anticipate receiving the certificate.

How to receive the certificate:

  • Once you have completed the certificate coursework and/or the semester you will graduate from UF, you must apply to graduate with the certificate using
  • The Certificate Coordinator will certify that you have met the requirements. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will also certify that you have met the requirements.
  • The award of your certificate will appear on your transcript after grades have been certified in the semester that you received it; you will not receive a separate piece of paper.
  • You can apply to graduate with the certificate independently of applying to graduate with your degree.
  • Please note that the coursework for the Geography-managed certificates is not available through distance learning.

Certificate Coordinators for Geography:

Please contact these professors if you have questions about coursework, GPA requirements, or if the admissions page does not have a decision on your application more than 10 days after you submitted it.