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Academic Plan, Admission Requirements, and Financial Aid

The academic year consists of two semesters and two summer sessions. The Fall semester begins at the University of Florida in August; we do not accept students to begin in the Spring semester that begins in January. Applicants for the M.A./M.S. or Ph.D. degrees will be considered regardless of their previous specialization in the physical and social sciences and humanities. Deficiencies in undergraduate coursework in geography may be corrected concurrently with registration in appropriate graduate level courses. Please see our Graduate Admissions Page for admission requirements, a list of application materials, our admissions timeline, and tips for success in the admissions process.

The Department of Geography and the University of Florida offer various types of financial support for qualified graduate students. Teaching assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis for the nine month academic year and come with waivers for tuition plus health insurance. Stipends begin at about $15,000 for the nine month academic year. Teaching assistantships are also available  and pay about $2,400 for a one of the two summer semesters, plus tuition waiver. Research assistantships for the nine month academic year and the summer semesters are sometimes available from faculty members seeking assistance on their personal research projects. Research assistantship stipends are determined by the individual faculty member, so please contact faculty directly if you would like to be considered for this funding. NDEA Title VI Fellowships may be available for students interested in Latin American or African studies. Applications for teaching and research assistantships for the Fall Semester should be submitted no later than January 30.

The department has access to other fellowships as well: The Graduate School Fellowship ($20,000 per year for 4 years), The John Dunkle Scholarship & The Ryan Poehling Fellowship.

The University also awards on a competitive basis a number of fellowships and scholarships for which new geography graduate students are often eligible. For example, doctoral applicants with GRE’s higher than 1400 and grade point averages (GPAs) of 3.5 or higher may qualify for the Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship ($18,500/two semesters + summer stipend). Applications for these awards must be submitted by January 15.

A large number of fellowships and other financial aid programs from outside the university have supported many of our students in the past. Many of these are described and have links to the sponsor on the UF Graduate School’s Financial Aid Bulletin Board.

Applications materials for admission and financial support along with requests for housing information may be obtained online.  Requests for a Graduate Catalog should be directed to the Graduate School, Grinter Hall, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32611.