Meet the Geographer: Dr. Gabriela Hamerlinck

Dr. Gaby Hamerlinck Pronouns: she/her Lecturer University of Florida Focus Areas: GeoSpatial Analysis & Techniques Medical Geography in Global Health (MGGH) Research Statement: Dr. Hamerlinck is a quantitative ecologist broadly interested in ecological modeling of host-parasite interactions. She has additional research interests and postdoc experience in quantitative biology education. At UF, Dr. Hamerlinck teaches many […]

GEO3930 Global Pandemics

GEO3930 Special Topics: Global Pandemics This course is a basic introduction to the most devastating disease outbreaks in human and animal history. We will explore the long-lasting social implications of disease and evaluate control methods. We will use the geographical spread of these historic pandemics to predict where the next pandemic will strike. Course work […]

IDS2935 Global Patterns of STIs

IDS2935 Global Patterns of STIs This class focuses on the geography of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), which have discrete and interesting patterns. STIs are stigmatized and misunderstood by the public, and culture plays a major role in control, prevention, and transmission. We will examine different bacterial and viral STIs and their control and how culture […]

GEO3930 Data, Maps & Deception

GEO3930 Data, Maps & Deception Learn how to identify and call out fake news! Our world is rife with misinformation. This is a course that will hone your digital citizenship skills. It is about spotting, dissecting, and refuting false claims and inferences based on quantitative, statistical, and computational analysis of data and maps. We will […]

GeoGator Class of 2020 Commencement

The Department of Geography Commencement for the GeoGator Class of 2020 was held online for the very first time on the 2nd of May, 2020. Watch the whole ceremony here! Excerpts Dr. Jane Southworth addresses GeoGator Class of 2020 Dunkle Award Winner Sara Shir addresses GeoGator Class of 2020 Dr. Jason Blackburn addresses GeoGator Class […]

GEO3452 Introduction to Medical Geography Summer 2020

GEO3452 Introduction to Medical Geography (Gen-Ed B) Course description: Medical geography deals with human-environment interactions and the influence of these interactions on public health. This course provides a broad-based, comprehensive survey of geographic topics and approaches in medical sciences. Hands-on experiences will be emphasized through GIS labs. Successful students will be able to: Apply geographic […]