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#AmazoniaIsGreat- let’s keep it that way!

Published: Oct 5th, 2017

“#AmazoniaIsGreat- let’s keep it that way!” – Dr. Cynthia Simmons at University of Florida’s Amazon Workshop 2017, hosted by UF’s Tropical Conservation and Development program and UF’s Center for Latin American Studies.

Dr. Robert Walker receives NSF Geography and Spatial Sciences award

Published: Oct 6th, 2016

Dr. Robert Walker has received an NSF award from the Geography and Spatial Sciences program, to fund a project entitled “International Trade Agreements, Globalization, Land Change, and Agricultural Food Networks”… Read More

Integrating Research and Practice to Promote More Resilient Family Agriculture

Published: Mar 18th, 2016

Geography PhD candidate Mr. David Hanson will be participating in a panel discussion at the “Integrating Research and Practice to Promote More Resilient Family Agriculture” workshop on March 30th. The workshop is… Read More

Dr. Robert T. Walker

Dr. Robert T. Walker

Published: Sep 30th, 2014

  Dr. Robert T. Walker Professor Faculty, Center for Latin American Studies (LATAM) Curriculum Vita Focus Areas GeoSpatial Analysis & Techniques Global Environmental and Social Change Areas of Specialization… Read More