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B.A. in Geography – Environmental Geosciences



(38-44 hours)

A. Geoscience Fundamentals and Tracking Courses (11 credits)

GEO 2200             Physical Geography (3)

GEO 2200L          Physical Geography Lab (1)

GLY 2010C          Physical Geology (4)

STA 2023              Introductory Statistics (3)

B. Geoscience Foundations (11 credits)

GIS 3043               Foundations of Geographic Information Systems (4)

GLY 3202C          Earth Materials (3)

GLY 2100C          Historical Geology (4) or GLY 3105C Evolution of Earth and Life (4)

C. Geoscience Electives in Geography (9-12 credits)

[Take 3 courses, Note: Credit will not be given twice for a cross-listed course or a graduate and undergraduate section of the same course]

GEO 3250             Climatology (3)

GEO 3280             Principles of Geographic Hydrology (4)

GEO 3315             Geography of Crop Plants (3)

GEO 3341             Extreme Floods (3)

GEO 3352             Human Footprint on the Landscape

GEO 3372             Conservation of Resources (3)

GEO 4167C          Intermediate Quantitative Analysis (3)

GEO 4281             Fluvial Morphology and Processes (3)

GEO 4285             Models in Geographic Hydrology (3)

GEO 4300             Environmental Biogeography (3)

GIS 4021C            Air Photo Interpretation (3)

GIS 4037               Digital Image Processing (4)

MET 3503            Weather and Forecasting (3)

MET4532             Hurricanes (3)

MET 4560            Atmospheric Teleconnections (3)

MET 4750            Atmospheric Data Analysis (3)

D. Geoscience Electives in Geological Sciences (6-8 credits)

[Take 2 courses, Note: Credit will not be given twice for a cross-listed course or a graduate and undergraduate section of the same course]

GLY 3074             Oceans and Global Climate (3)

GLY 3163             Geology American National Parks (3)

GLY 3603C          Paleontology (4)

GLY 3882C          Hydrology and Human Affairs (3)

GLY 4155C          Geology of Florida (3)

GLY 4310C          Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (4)

GLY 4400C          Structural Geology and Tectonics (4)

GLY 4552C          Sedimentary Geology (4)

GLY 4734             Coastal Morphology and Processes (3)

E. Capstone Course (1-2 credits)

[Pick 1; GEO majors should take GEO 4930 and GLY majors take GLY4750L]

GEO 4930             Senior Seminar (1) Prerequisite:  Senior standing; majors only.

GLY 4750L          Geological Field Methods (2)

F. Recommended Electives

[CLAS requires 18 credits of upper division (3000 and 4000-level) electives outside the major.  Below are some courses that would strongly complement the BA track in Environmental Geosciences in both the Geography and Geology majors]

AEB 3450             Introduction to Natural Resource Economics (prereq. AEB3103 or ECO 2023)

AEB 4123             Agricultural and Natural Resource Law

AEB 4126             Agricultural and Natural Resource Ethics

CWR 4542            Water Resources Engineering

EES 3000              Environmental Science and Humanity

EES 4050              Environmental Planning and Design

EES 4370              Environmental Meteorology and Oceanography (Prereq. CHM 2046)

OCE 3016             Introduction to Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering

POS 4931              Florida Environmental Politics

POT 3503              Environmental Ethics and Politics

SWS 3022/L         Introduction to Soils in the Environment/and Laboratory

SWS 4223             Environmental Biogeochemistry (Prereq. BSC 2010 & L, CHM 2045 & L)

SWS 4231C          Soil, Water and Land Use

SWS 4233             Soil and Water Conservation

SWS 4244             Wetlands

SWS 4245             Water Resource Sustainability

SWS 4550             Soil, Water, and Public Health

SWS 4715C          Environmental Pedology (prereq. SWS 3022)

URP 4000             Preview of Urban and Regional Planning

[Note: Majors in this specialization will not be allowed to minor in the opposite discipline.  Students with very strong interests in both Geography and Geology are encouraged to double major instead.]


Contact: Dr. Liang Mao, Geography Undergraduate Coordinator

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