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Application checklist

  • Contact has been made with prospective advisors and they have encouraged you to apply (without a potential advisor in the department your application will NOT be considered so contact must be made, in advance, with potential faculty advisors in your areas of interest).
  • Application to UF (online) completed and fee paid (please list the faculty member you’d most like to work with as the contact person)
  • Statement of purpose (SOP) completed and submitted online. Content requirements are listed on the Before You Apply page.
  • GRE’s taken (not needed for Masters) and official copies of scores submitted to UF admissions office
  • TOEFL taken and official copies of scores submitted to UF admissions office (international applicants only)
  • Official copies of transcripts have been submitted to UF admissions office (international students must submit copies in their native language and English as well as official documentation that confers their bachelor’s degree (separate from a statement on the transcript). You can upload scanned copies (considered unofficial) with your application while you wait for official copies to arrive. This will help Geography faculty evaluate your application more efficiently. However, UF will not admit you based on unofficial documents.
  • 3 Letters of recommendation have been requested online through UF’s online system (you should monitor these to be sure they have been completed by January 31. If not, send out a reminder at least 1 week in advance of the deadline!) We do not need paper copies.
  • If you find it necessary to email any documents for your application to Geography, please send them to and include your name and UFID.