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Before you apply

Step 1: Visit the following websites

Graduate School:

Graduate Admissions:

Find Geography faculty with whom you would like to work: Faculty profiles

Step 2: Draft your statement of purpose (SOP)

It should be no longer than 500 words to match university requirements and it MUST include the following. If it does not, we may automatically reject your application:

  • Subfield of your intended specialization and regional interests
  • Name(s) of faculty you’d like to work with and how your research interests align with their research interests
  • Publications you’ve authored with a description of your role in the project
  • How you plan to fund your studies (including funding that you are currently applying for and/or have already secured)
  • How the work you completed for your previous degree has prepared you for the work you would undertake here
  • Your plans after obtaining your degree / career aspirations

Step 3: Identify references

You will enter their contact information when you apply online and they will receive an email with instructions on how to upload their letter. Please contact them well in advance so that they can upload prior to January 31.

Step 4: Download our application checklist and have all information on hand when you apply

Once you submit your application, you will be unable to update or edit it.

Application checklist