Jaclyn Hall

 jackie hall

Dr. Jaclyn Hall

Post Doctoral Researcher

Email: jaclynha@ufl.edu


Current: Work with Dr. Michael Binford on an NSF Macrosystem Biology grant

Building forest management into Earth system modeling: Scaling from  stand to continent

There has been much research at the forest stand level and substantial theory that explains how the system within a stand functions.  There is a lack of understanding of how these theories scale to larger areas subject to quantitatively and qualitatively different kinds of disturbances. This project will develop a framework for building forest management into Earth system modeling, and conduct analyses to test whether stand-level ecological theories hold in larger areas.  Jaclyn’s work will contribute to answering the following questions. How does what we know from studies of areas measured in meters apply to much areas measured in thousands of kilometers, which are much more heterogeneous, and within which human activities may become the most significant determinants of ecosystem functional?   Do climate, management, and disturbance interact with forest ecosystem function at regional to continental scales. Do these interactions behave in a non-linear fashion when compared to those of the stand? How can we improve fundamental theories linking forest structure to function at the macrosystem scale?


Areas of Specialization

  • Biogeography – diversity, rarity, endemism, biological conservation
  • Remote sensing of the environment
  • Global change – impacts of human management and disturbance on forest ecosystems
  • Landscape ecology
  • Protected Areas – ecological sustainability, conservation and human impact


 Educational Background

PhD — Geography, University of Florida, 2009

MS — Geography, University of South Florida, 2002

BS — Geography, Stetson University, 1996


Recent Publications

2013 (In Review) Gereau, R., Hall, J.M., Platts, P., Hemp, A. Distribution and endemism of vascular plants in the Eastern Arc Mountains. Journal of East African Natural History.

2013 (In Review) Burgess, N.D., Hall, J.M., Jambiya, G., Vihemäki, H., Sumbi, P. and R. Gereau. Challenges of enhancing forest connectivity in the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania: the case of Derema forest. Conservation Biology

Willcock, S., Phillips, O.L., Platts, P.J., Balmford, A., Burgess, N.D., Lovett, J.C., Ahrends, A., Bayliss, J., Doggart, N., Doody, K., Fanning, E., Green, J., Hall, J., Howell, K.L., Marchant, R., Marshall, A.R., Mbilinyi, B., Munishi, PKT, Owen, N., Swetnam, R.D., Topp-Jorgensen, E.J., and S. Lewis. 2012. Towards regional, error-bounded landscape carbon storage estimates for data deficient areas of the world. PLoS One. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0044795

Hall, J.M., VanHolt, T., Daniels, A.E., Balthazar, V, and E.F. Lambin. 2012 Trade-off between Carbon Storage and Biodiversity in Reforesting Landscapes. Landscape Ecology. 27(8): 1135-1147.

Vihemäki, H., Hall, J.M. and Leonard, C., Mwangoka, M., and V. Mkongewa. 2011 Bird and Plant Diversity in Tropical Landscape Mosaics in East Usambaras, Tanzania Small Scale Forestry. DOI:10.1007/s11842-012-9202-6

Powell, B., Hall, J.M., Vihemäki and S. Rantala  2011. Effect of Forest Cover and Access on Dietary Intake in the East Usambara Mountains, Tanzania, International Forestry Review. 13(3):305-317.

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Hall, J.M., Burgess N, Lovett, J., Mbilinyi, B. and R.  Gereau. 2009. Deforestation on an elevational gradient and the impacts on the conservation of threatened plants. Biological Conservation 142: 2510-2521.


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