Dr. Nigel Smith – Emeritus


smithDr. Nigel J. H. Smith

Emeritus Professor


Phone: (352) 294-7511

Areas of Specialization

  • Survey of under-valued plants of the Amazon floodplain with market potential
  • Policy issues surrounding the linkages between biodiversity and agriculture
  • Management of plant resources by small-scale farmers in the humid tropics

Educational Background

Recent Courses

  • GEO 3315 Geography of Crop Plants GEO 3427 Plants, Health, & Spirituality (honors seminar) GEA 4465 Amazonia    GEA 6466 Seminar on Amazonia

Career Awards and Research Grants

  • Fellow of the Guggenheim Foundation and the Linnean Society of London. P.I. or P.I. on grants from the Moore Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, and the National Geographic Society.

Recent Publications

    • 2002. Amazon Sweet Sea: Land, Life, and Water at the River’s Mouth. University of Texas Press, Austin, 281 pp.
    • 2006. Hijos de la Lluvia/Children of the Rain. Maderera Bozovich/Wust Ediciones, Lima, 163 pp., (W. Wust and N. Smith).
    • 2007. Amazon River Fruits: Flavors for Conservation. Amazon Conservation Association (ACA)/Missouri Botanical Garden Press, Lima, 272 pp. (N. Smith, R. Vásquez, and W. Wust; also published in Spanish).
    • 2007. Palms: Sentinels for Amazon Conservation. Amazon Conservation Association (ACA)/Missouri Botanical Garden Press, Lima, 356 pp. (M. Goulding and N. Smith; also published in Spanish and Portuguese).
    • Completed publication list with PDF download

    Graduate Students Currently Supervised

    • Mario Mighty Ph.D. (Fall 2010)
    • Tyler Rundel Ph.D. (Fall 2011)