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Colloquium Rubric

Fall 2020 Geography Colloquium Schedule

Note: Due to COVID-19, there will be no in-person meetings for the Fall 2020 Colloquium. This course will synchronously delivered digitally.

Thursdays 8th period (2:50-3:50 PM)

Virtual Synchronous

3 September
Dr. Mike Binford

10 September
Aline Carrara
The Struggle for Indigenous Territory in the Brazilian Amazon

17 September
Dr. Anita Marshall
Creating Inclusive Communities of Learning in the Classroom and Beyond

24 September
Dr. Mike Binford
Working at the National Science Foundation, Macrosystems Biology and NEON-Enabled Science, and Modeling the Effects of Forest Management at the Continental Scale

1 October
Dr. Dan Johnson, UF School of Forest Resources and Conservation
ForestGEO – a Bottom-up Global Forest Research Network

8 October
Matthew Pflaum
Political Violence and Pastoralism in North and West Africa

15 October
Dr. Pat Soranno, Michigan State University and the National Science Foundation
LAGOS-US: Leveraging open science, ecoinformatics, and geography to build research capacity for national-scale environmental research

22 October
Stephanie Mundis
Spatial patterns in mosquito characteristics that mediate vector control effectiveness and disease risk in Florida

29 October
Dr. Stephanie Pau
Improving our understanding of grassland ecology and biogeography using NEON-enabled science

5 November
***NOTE: 4:00 PM START TIME***
Dr. Olivier Walther
The Geography of Conflict in North and West Africa

12 November
Guoqian Yan
Tropical Cyclone Rainfall Spatial Pattern and Associations with Environmental Conditions for the North Atlantic Basin

19 November
Dr. Alisa Coffin, USDA Agricultural Research Service
Geographical Applications in Agro-ecological Research for the US, from Point to Region, and Measure to Model

26 November

3 December
Mehedy Hassan