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Colloquium Rubric

Spring 2020 Geography Colloquium Schedule

Thursdays 8th period (2:50-3:50 PM)

Turlington 3018

9 January
Dr. Peter Waylen

16 January
Dr. Sadie Ryan
Decisions will be made: modeling vector borne disease at multiple scales for different purposes and use

23 January
Dr. Joann Mossa
Impacts, Recovery and Ongoing Stressors in the Apalachicola River, Florida

30 January
Dr. Jason Blackburn
Tools to Improve Online Collaboration, Data Sharing, and Research Efficiency

6 February
Dr. Jason von Meding
Framing Disasters as Natural Has Consequences

13 February
Maira Irigary Castro
Resistance Global Justice and Protection of Indigenous Territories in the Amazon

20 February
Anderson Fellow Dr. Darla Monroe
Reciprocal Relationships Between Forest Management and Regional Landscape Structures

27 February
Masters Students’ posters

5 March

12 March
Cat Lippi
Leveraging Mosquito Surveillance and Epidemiological Data to Inform Public Health Response

19 March
Alexandra Sabo
Sustainable Hydropower in the Amazon? An Analysis of Green Governance and Resistance

26 March
Mehedy Hassan
Assessing forest fragmentation trends and ecological crises in Teknaf wildlife sanctuary, Bangladesh – Short AAG presentation

2 April
Ryan Good
Land Use and Resource Management in the African Great Lakes Region

9 April
AAG Meeting

16 April
Guoqian Yan
Tropical Cyclones Rainfall Spatial Pattern and Associations with Environmental Conditions for the North Atlantic Basin