Spring 2016 Courses

GEA3600 – Geography of Africa
GEO2242 – Extreme Weather
GEO2500 – Global and Regional Economies (UFO only)
GEO3250/6255 – Climatology
GEO3930 – People and Plagues
GEO3938 – Geography of Sex, Infection, and Drug Resistance
GEO4167/6161 – Intermediate Quant
GEO4281/6282 – Fluvial Morphology and Processes
GEO4930 – Senior Seminar
GEO4938 – Global Africa Diaspora
GEO4938/6938 – Global Connections, Development and Environment
GEO4938/6938 – Programming for GIS & Remote Sensing
GEO4944 – Internship
GEO4970 – Honors Thesis
GEO6166 – Advanced Quant
GEO6938 – GIS applications for Spatial Epidemiology and Disease Ecology
GEO6938 – Theorizing Nature-Society Interactions – topics
GEOXXX – Seminar on Amazonia
GEOXXX – Tipping points of the Earths System
GIS3043/5107C – Foundations of GIS/GIS in Research
GIS3420C/6435C – GIS models in Public Health
GIS4037/GIS5038C – Digital Image Processing/Remote Sensing of the Environment
GIS4113/6104 – Spatial Networks
GIS4120C/5028C – Aerial Photo Interpretation
MET4560/6565 – Atmospheric Teleconnections