Dr. Matyas and Dr. Mossa on Hurricane Irma

Published: September 20th, 2017

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irma0001, Air Force Magazine. Hurricane Irma passes Cuba and approaches southern Florida on Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017, in a NASA satellite captured a night-time image of the storm in the Florida Straits and identified where the strongest storms were occurring within Irma’s structure. NOAA’s GOES-East satellite provided a visible image at the time of Irma’s landfall in the Florida Keys. NASA photo

Geography’s Dr. Corene Matyas and Dr. Joann Mossa recently spoke to several new outlets about the cause and result of Hurricane Irma.

9/7 Dr. Corene Matyas explains the mechanics of a Catergory 5 storm at HowStuffWorks.com

9/7 Dr. Corene Matyas talks to Canada’s CTV News channel about what #Florida can expect from Hurricane Irma

9/7 Dr. Matyas talks to BBC 5 Live (1h18m) about the impact of Hurricane Irma

9/7 Dr. Corene Matyas talks to David McCullagh about the projected #hurricane path of Hurricane Irma

9/8 Dr. Corene Matyas tells the BBC what might happen during Hurricane Irma

9/19 Dr. Joann Mossa explains why Florida flooded during Hurricane Irma on INTERSECTION: WHY FLORIDA FLOODS 







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