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This form is to be used for exam processing only. DO NOT submit this form until you have all of the information and attachments ready to be inputted and attached here in ONE submission. This is what you will need to have ready: 1) One or more versions of your exam in final, edited, previewed form. Upload here as a pdf if using Respondus. If you are not using Respondus then it can be attached as a Word doc. 2) Have attachments/supplements (if any, such as a map) ready to be uploaded here. 3) know: - your name - your UFL email - date exam is due - if you have students who need to take the exam early - how many versions of the exam - how many students you have enrolled - how you would like the exams put together - and if you need a proctor
    If "NO", please note that any mistakes are now the instructor's responsibility. The department does not have the resources and manpower to reprocess and reprint exams.
  • 5 is the maximum number of versions that can be electronically processed.
  • Upload each version of your exam in the corresponding upload fields below

  • You will receive a few extra exams just in case. Typically, the number is rounded to a multiple of "5".
    If "YES" please plan according to their rules and regulations. Typically, the DRC requires exams to be in their office by no later than 3pm the day before the exam. They now ask for the exams to be sent electronically.
  • Upload exam supplements (maps, diagrams, etc.) below:

    Typically, instructors need a proctor if they have around 50 students enrolled. If you have more than 80, you may want several proctors to assist you in the successful delivery of your exam. It is up to the discretion of the instructor.
  • ATTENTION: There is a small delay between you hitting the "submit" button and the server receiving your Exam Processing request of about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Please DO NOT minimize or close your window until the Exam submission process is completed. Once you have received the confirmation that you have successfully submitted your exam, you may close the window.