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Entries denoted with an * are SNRE students

Rundel, T., 2016, “Extractivism and Domestication of Indigenous Fruit Trees in the Humid Tropics of Cameroon and Peru.”, Smith, Nigel

Zick, S., 2016, “An Assessment of Tropical Cyclone Representation in a Regional Reanalysis and a Shape Metric Methodology for Studying the Evolving Precipitation Structure Prior to and during Landfall.”, Matyas, Corene

Morris, L., 2016, “Wildlife Movement and Disease Risk: Anthrax Transmission in Montana.”, Blackburn, Jason

Hernandez Ayala, J., 2016, “Climatology of Tropical Cyclone Rainfall over Puerto Rico: Processes, Patterns and Impacts.”, Matyas, Corene

Stevens, F., 2015, “Methodologies of Scale and Studies of Interacting Forest and Land System Dynamics.”, Southworth, Jane

Chen, Y., 2015, “Vulnerability Assessment In Coastal Communities: Fine Scale Hazard Management And Modeling.”, Fik, Timothy

Staub, C., 2015, “Hydrologic Processes on Small Islands: Linkages between Climate, Human Activity and Water Availability in Mauritius.”, Binford, Michael

Keellings, D., 2015, ” Investigating Heatwaves in Europe and Florida Using Extreme Value Analysis.”, Waylen, Peter

Bullock, R., 2015, “The Role of Gender in Value Chains and Asset Ownership Among Contracting Spice Producers in Highland and Lowland Settings in the East Usambaras, Tanzania.”, Swisher, Marilyn

Monzon Alvarado, C., 2014, “Governance of Fire Management in Calakmul, Mexico: Institutions, Local Practice and Human-Environmental Outcomes.”, Keys, Eric

Zhu, L., 2014, “Remote Sensing Based Vegetation Dynamics in Southern Afirca: Physiographic Gradients Determine the Relative Importance of Environmental Controls on Savanna Vegetation.”, Southworth, Jane

Steele, J., 2014, “Remote Sensing of Vegetation Dynamics and Change in Semi-Arid Ecosystems.”, Southworth, Jane

Fullman, T., 2014, “Spatial Assessment of Elephant Impacts on Large Herbivores and Vegetation in Southern Africa.”, Child, Brian

Bunting, E., 2014, “A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Landscape Dynamics under Changing Environmental Regimes in Southern African Savannas.”, Southworth, Jane

Wang, Y., 2014, “Spatio-Temporal Modeling for Peak Events of Seasonal Influenza: A Case Study in Florida.”, Waylen, Peter

Qi, Q., 2014, “Impacts of Socioeconomic Factors on Malaria Transmission: Urbanization, Armed Conflicts and Economic Conditions.”, Tatem, Andrew

Mighty, M., 2014, “The Socio-Economic and Spatial Dynamics of the Jamaican Coffee Industry.”, Smith, Nigel

Szyniszewska, A., 2013, “Analyzing Seasonal Risk Indicators of Mediterranean Fruit Fly Ceratitis Capitata (Medfly) Importation into Florida via Commodity Imports and Passenger Traffic.”, Tatem, Andrew

Pindolia, D., 2013, “Quantifying Human Population Movement for Malaria Control and Elimination Planning in East Africa.”, Tatem, Andrew

Garcia, A., 2013, “Human and Infection Movement Modeling for Strategic Disease Control and Elimination Planning in Resources Poor Environments.”, Tatem, Andrew

Yang, Y., 2013, “Modeling Tourist Flows and Economic Impacts: a Spatial Perspective.”, Fik, Timothy

Sun, J., 2013, “Quantitative Analysis of Deforestation Pattern Dynamics: Developing Forest Resilience Metrics in an Amazon Frontier.”, Southworth, Jane

Mullins, J., 2013, “Combining Genetic Diversity and Spatio-Temporal Data to Characterize the Spatial Ecology of Anthrax across Multiple Scales.”, Blackburn, Jason

Huang, Z., 2013, “The Role of the Global Air Travel Network in Vector-borne Disease Connectivity and Spread.”, Tatem, Andrew

Canas, C., 2012, “From Regional Climate to River Ecology: Hydroclimatology and Fish Species Richness in Southeastern Peru.”, Waylen, Peter

*Mupeta, P., 2012, “Democratization of Wildlife Management: a Comparative Study of the Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) Programs in Botswana and Zambia.”, Child, Brian

Tsai, H., 2012, “A Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Vegetation Change, Land Cover Change, and Health Impacts in Florida.”, Southworth, Jane and Waylen, Peter

Adu-Brempong, K., 2012, “Urban Economies and Globalization: Exploring Externally-Induced Urban Expansion and Impact on Peri-Urban Land in Accra, Ghana.”, Fik, Timothy

*Mosetlhi, B., 2012 , “The Influence of Chobe National Park on People’s Livelihoods and Conservation Behaviors.”, Child, Brian

Parent, G., 2012, “Vulnerability, Resource Use, and Market Access in South Africa”, Child, Brian

Adhikari, S., 2011,”People, Park and Suburbanization: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Change in and around Bannerghatta National Park, India.”, Southworth, Jane

Almatar, M., 2011, “Utilizing Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing to Investigate Urbanization Processes: in Both the US and Kuwait.”, Southworth, Jane

Gaughan, A., 2011, “Variability and Change in a Dryland System: Climate-Land Interaction in the Okavango-Kwando-Zambezi Catchment of Southern Africa.”, Binford, Michael

Gibbes, C., 2011, “Environmental Variability and Management: An Examination of Land Cover Change and Conservation in Southern Africa.”, Southworth, Jane

Mondal, P., 2011, “Parks and Policies: Integrating Geospatial Tools and Modeling to Evaluate Conservation Interventions in Central India.”, Southworth, Jane

Patarasuk, R., 2011, “Longitudinal Analysis of Road Network Development and Land-Cover Dynamics in Lop Buri Province, Thailand, 1989-2006.”, Binford, Michael

Pricope, N., 2011, “Using Remote Sensing to Create Indicators of Ecosystem Variability in a Semi-Arid Savanna Watershed in the Kavango-Zambezi Region of Southern Africa.”, Binford, Michael

*Rostant,L., 2011, “The Efficacy of Community-Based Monitoring in Namibia, the Event Book System.”, Binford, Michael

Rasmussen,J.L., 2010, “Oxbow Lakes as Indicators of Geomorphic Change in Southeastern Mississippi.”, Mossa,Joann

Schmidt, M., 2010, “Reconstructing Tropical Nature: Prehistoric and Modern Anthrosols (Terra Preta) in the Amazon Rainforest, Upper Xingu River, Brazil.”,Smith, Nigel

Yearwood, K., 2010, “River planform change downstream of the Sinclair Dam, Oconee River, GA.”, Mossa, Joann

Chavez, A.B., 2009, “Public Policy and Spatial Variation in Land Use and Land Cover in the Southeastern Peruvian Amazon.”,Binford, Michael

Coffin, A.W., 2009, “Road Network Development and Landscape Dynamics in the Santa Fe River Watershed, North-Central Florida, 1975 to 2005.”,Binford, Michael

*Daniels, A., 2009, “Patterns and Processes of Land Cover Change: Understanding Tradeoffs among Ecosystem Services.”,Southworth, Jane

Gomes, C.V., 2009, “Twenty Years after Chico Mendes: Extractive Reserves’ Expansion, Cattle Adoption and Evolving Self-Definition among Rubber Tappers in the Brazilian Amazon.”,Smith, Nigel

Hall, J.M., 2009, “Ecological Change in Tanzanian Montane Rainforests: From Species to Landscape.”,Southworth, Jane

Owusu, K., 2009, “Changing Rainfall Climatology of West Africa: Implications for Rainfed Agriculture in Ghana and Water Sharing in the Volta Basin.”,Waylen, Peter

Puhalla, J. M., 2009, “Land Use and Agricultural Intensification in Mugandu Wetland, Kabale District, Uganda.”,Goldman, Abraham

Silva, G.M., 2009, “Peanut Diversity Management by the Kaiabi (Tupi Guarani) Indigenous People, Brazilian Amazon.”,Smith, Nigel

*Stickler, C., 2009, “Defending public interests in private forests: Land-use policy alternatives for the Xingu River headwaters region of southeastern Amazonia.”,Southworth, Jane

*Van Holt, T.,  2009, “Influence of Landscape Change on the Nearshore Fisheries in Southern Chile.”,Binford, Michael

Warford, J.T.,  2009, “Factors Influencing Research and Development Funding to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.” McDade, Barbara

Whalen, K.G.,  2009, “Imagetexting the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail: Reciprocal Exchange, Postcolonialism and Meaning.”,Lamme, Ary

Baynard, C.W.,  2008, “Ecological Footprint of Energy Development in Eastern Venezuela’s Heavy Oil Belt.”, Binford, Michael

Lininger, B.A.,  2008, “Post Migration Experience of Somali Female Refugees in the United States: A Case Study of Atlanta, Georgia.”,Mcdade, Barbara

Cassidy, L., 2007, “Linking Social-Ecological Systems and Land-Use Land-Cover Change through a Complex Adaptive Systems Approach: A Cross-Border Study of Sisaket, Thailand and Ordar Mean Chey, Cambodia.”, Binford, Michael

Hartter, J.N., 2007, “Landscape Change around Kibale National Park, Uganda: Impacts on Land Cover, Land Use, and Livelihoods.”, Goldman, Abraham and Southworth, Jane

Marsik, M., 2006,”Incorporation of Land Use Change into a Spatial Distributed Hydrologic Model.’ Waylen, Peter and Southworth, Jane

Herrel, K., 2006, “Geographic Significance of Delivery Zones in an E-Commerce-Enabled Grocery Delivery Strategy.”, Thrall, Grant

Lannon, H., 2005, “Relationships Between Spatial and Temporal Geomorphic Variability and Coastal Land Use Planning, Northeast Florida.”, Mossa, Joann

Conway, K., 2004, “Human Use of River Turtles (Podochemis sp.) in Lowland Eastern Bolivia.”, Binford, Michael

Guhl, A., 2004, “Coffee and Landscape Change in the Colombian Countryside, 1970-2000.”, Binford, Michael

Hoyos, N., 2004, “Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Soil Erosion Potential in a Mountainous Tropical Watershed, Central Andean Cordillera of Columbia.”, Walylen Peter

McIntee, A., 2004, “The U.S. Internet Backbone: A Network Analysis.”, Fik, Timothy

Penn, J., 2004, “Another Boom for Amazonia? Socioeconomic and Environmental Implications of the New Camu Camu Industry in Peru.”, Smith, Nigel