Focus Area 2: Medical Geography in Global Health (MGGH)

Spatial Distribution of TB Complex in Florida.
Source Dr. Jason Blackburn

Medical geography, an important area of health research, applies concepts, methods, and techniques from geography to investigate health-related topics across the world, focusing on spatial aspects of human and animal (livestock and wildlife) disease and health intervention.

Our sub-focus areas are as follows:

  • Disease modeling
  • Risk mapping
  • Spatial epidemiology analysis
  • One Health
  • Zoonotic Emergence
  • Spatial health disparities
  • Aging and Society

Core Faculty:

Future malaria burden moves across Africa under climate change. Source: Dr. Sadie Ryan.


  • GEO3427 Plants, Health, & Spirituality
  • GEO3452/6451 Medical Geography
  • GEO3454: People and Plagues
  • GEO3611 Housing, People, and Places in a Spatially Diverse Society
  • GEO4612/GEY6341 Shelter and Care Options for U.S. Elderly
  • GEO4938/6938 Advanced design in medical geography
  • GEO4938/6938 GIS applications in disease ecology
  • GIS 3420C/6425C GIS models for public health
  • GIS4113/6104: Spatial Networks
  • GIS4115/6117: Applied Geostatistics



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