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Focus Area 3: Earth System Science

This is the science of the atmosphere, land, biota, and water from a geospatial science perspective. By combining hot topic or contemporary issues such as climate change, environmental extremes, and hazards, this focus area emphasizes the integrative nature of physical and environmental geography. These are the biophysical science questions that help drive management and policy.

Our sub-focus areas are as follows:

  • Atmospheric Science
  • River, Coastal and Lake Environments
  • Climate Change and Variability
  • Floods, Droughts and Extremes
  • Landscape Change and Spatial Analysis
  • Land, Water and Weather Hazards and Risk Assessment
  • Watershed Science and Sustainable Water Resources Management

Core Faculty

THE BLUE MARBLE: LAND SURFACE, OCEAN COLOR AND SEA ICE. The most detailed true-color image of the entire Earth to date. Compiled by NASA from MODIS data in 2001.


  • GEO2200 Physical Geography
  • GEO2200L Physical Geography Lab
  • GEO2201 Physical Landscapes
  • GEO 2242 Extreme Weather
  • GEO 3250 Climatology
  • GEO3280 Geographic Hydrology
  • GEO 3341 Extreme Floods
  • GEO3930 Extreme Droughts and Water Wars
  • GEO3930 Introduction to Climate Change
  • GEO4281 River Forms and Processes
  • GEO4285 Models in Geographic Hydrology
  • GEO4300 Environmental Biogeography
  • GEO5305 Environmental Biogeography
  • GEO5945C Field Course in Geography
  • GEO6255 Climatology
  • GEO 6282 Fluvial Morphology and Processes
  • GEO6348 Floods Seminar
  • GEO6375 Land Change Science Seminar
  • GEO6938 Climate Change in Africa
  • GEO6938 Seminar in Atmospheric Sciences
  • GEO6938 Geographic Hydrology?
  • MET3503 Weather and Forecasting
  • MET4532 Hurricanes
  • MET4560 Atmospheric Teleconnections
  • MET4750 Spatial Analysis of Atmospheric Data Using GIS
  • MET5504 Weather and Forecasting
  • MET6530 Hurricanes
  • MET6565 Seminar in Atmospheric Teleconnections
  • MET6752 Spatial Analysis of Atmospheric Data Using GIS