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Global Environmental and Social Change

Focus Area 4: Global Environmental and Social Change

This focus covers the areas of (a) Politics and the Environment; (b) Resources, Environment and Society; and (c) Regional and Global: Economic, Political, Demographic, and Social Change.

Politics and the Environment

Environmental issues are increasingly politicized. This section will investigate the two-way interactions between politics and environmental change at local, national and international scales. Political Ecology is one frame to understand multi-scalar interactions from the global to the local level and how it unfolds in specific places, presenting social and environmental challenges.


  • Seminar in Political Ecology
  • Human Footprint on the Environment
  • Environmental Catastrophes, Tipping Points, and Catastrophes
  • Global Connections, Development and the Environment
  • Wildlife Economics

Resources, Environment and Society

Generating, managing, and sustaining resources and coping with the consequences of their use have and will continue to be one of the main challenges confronting human societies. In this section we engage the dynamics of environmental security, including food, water, energy, and biodiversity, and challenges from local to global scales. Understanding the coupling of natural and human systems is essential to ensure a resilient future for humans and ecosystems.


  • Conservation of Resources
  • Environmental Biogeography
  • The Geography of Crop Plants
  • Plants and Spirituality
  • Pop Music and Culture
  • Seminar on Amazonia

Regional and Global: Economic, Political, Demographic, and Social Change

The world in becoming increasingly integrated and globalized, but retains tremendous cultural and environmental diversity. In this section we explore multiple dimensions of economic, political, demographic, and social change and interconnection in the world’s major regions (Africa, Latin America, Asia, And Europe). We also examine forces and factors affecting international business, trade, immigration, and global production and consumption networks.


  • Economic Geography
  • Face of Florida
  • Geography of a Changing World
  • Geography of Global Economies
  • Global Africa Diaspora
  • Introduction to Human Geography
  • Housing, People, and Places
  • Population Geography
  • Social Geography
  • Urban and Business Geography
  • Courses in Regional Geography (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin American, United States and Canada)

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