Dr. Meshari Alenezi, Dr. Di Yang, Dr. Jane Southworth, Dr. Hannah Herrero, and Dr. Xavier Haro-Carrión at the 2019 University of Florida Summer Commencement.
Dr. José Javier Hernández Ayala, Dr. Corene Matyas, Dr. Stephanie Zick, Dr. Jason Blackburn, and Dr. Lillian Morris at UF’s Spring 2016 Commencement. Image courtesy Dr. Jason Blackburn

We are proud to announce our latest PhD graduates – Dr. José Javier Hernández Ayala, Dr. Lillian Morris, and Dr. Stephanie Zick!

Dr. Zick will join the Department of Geography at Virginia Tech as an Assistant Professor of Geographic Meteorology. She looks forward to diversifying the program with her tropical meteorology and numerical weather prediction expertise.

Dr, Morris will join the Environmental Epidemiology Unit of the Washington State Division of Environmental Public Health – Office of Environmental Public Health Sciences as a Spatial Epidemiologist. She will continue to develop the R and Python skills as well as her experience with wildlife disease that she has gained while studying Medical Geography.

Dr. Hernández Ayala is currently applying for faculty positions where he can utilize his skills in Tropical Climatology, Climate Change, Applied Climatology, Hydroclimatology, Urban Climatology, Flood Hydrology.