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Temperature model predicts regional and seasonal virus transmission by mosquitoes

Published: Aug 28th, 2018

GAINESVILLE, FL – New model that accurately predicts patterns of mosquito-borne Ross River virus epidemics could help prepare for the impact of climate change. Scientists have built a model that… Read More

MedGeo Faculty to Lead New CDC Center For Excellence in Vector-Borne Disease

Published: Jan 4th, 2017

GAINESVILLE – With a $10 million grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the University of Florida will lead a highly collaborative research program focused on stopping vector-borne… Read More

How Mosquitoes Die Matters for Malaria Control

Published: Sep 30th, 2015

GAINESVILLE, Florida –A new study out of the University of Florida calls for caution in estimating the impact of mosquito control on malaria and other vector-borne disease transmission. Public health… Read More