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Hurricane Dorian is moving up the coast and passing Florida, but there’s still a healthy amount of moisture being pulled into the storm. UF tropical storm expert Dr. Corene Matyas checked in with with the latest update on Hurricane Dorian, its impacts in Florida and projected conditions along the U.S. East Coast this afternoon. See the full interview here.

As the 2019 hurricane season begins, many people have lots of questions. One long-standing questions ‘Can we nuke a hurricane to stop it?‘ recently came up in policy making circles.

In a recent interview in USA Today, Dr. Corene Matyas explains why it would be a bad idea to nuke a hurricane:

Hurricanes produce so much more energy than a single bomb…The scale is a huge mismatch…It would take upward of thousands of explosives to alter a storm’s wind speed…People just don’t understand how energy works and the scale of energy.

Read the whole interview at You can’t nuke a hurricane to stop it, as Trump reportedly suggested. Here’s why in USA Today.