Recent Graduate Publications P – Z

imagesCAAFP5MFWhy publish?

Publication of research papers in peer-reviewed journals is the most widely used means of disseminating ideas and results in the majority of the sub-disciplinary fields in which we specialize.  The number and quality of publications are two widely used criteria in determining employment and professional advancement.  We give our students an advantage in the job market and a valuable professional skill by working with them to learn to be successful authors of journal articles before, as well as after, their graduation.

 These are the publications in 2012 and 2013 (to date) written by our graduate students (bold type and underlined) based upon research carried out during their time in graduate school.  Papers are listed alphabetically by the highest ordered student author.

Child, B.A., Musengzi, J., Parent, G. D.,and G.F.T. Child, 2012. The economics and institutional economics of wildlife on private land in Africa. Pastoralism, Research, Policy and Practice, 2(18), 32p.

Patarasuk, R., 2013. Road network connectivity and land-cover dynamics in Lop Buri province, Thailand. Journal of Transport Geography, 28: 111-123.

Patarasuk, R. and M.W. Binford, 2012. Longitudinal analysis of the road network development and land-cover change in Lop Buri province, Thailand, 1989–2006. Applied Geography, 32(2): 228-239.

Patarasuk, R. and T.J. Fik, 2013. Spatial modeling of road network development, population pressure and biophysical properties of upland crop and forest conversions in Lop Buri province, Thailand, 1989-2006. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, 34: 120-136.

Pindolia, D.K., Garcia, AJ., Huang, Z. et al., 2013. The demographics of human and malaria movement and migration patterns in East Africa. Malaria Journal, 12, 397, 12 pp.

Pindolia, D.K.,Garcia, A.J., Wesolowski, A., Smith, D.L., Buckee, C.O., Noor, A.M., Snow, R.W. and A.J. Tatem, 2012. Human movement data for malaria control and elimination strategic planning, Malaria Journal, 11: 205.

Wesolowski, A., Buckee, C.O., Pindolia, D.K., Eagle, N., Smith, D.L., Garcia, A.J. and A.J. Tatem, 2013. The use of census migration data to approximate human movement patterns across temporal scales. PLoS ONE, 8(1): e52971.

Tatem, A.J., Adamo, S., Bharti, N., Burgert, C.R., Castro, M., Dorelien, A., Fink, G., Linard, C., Mendelsohn, J., Montana, L., Montgomery, M.R., Nelson, A., Noor, A.M., Pindolia, D.,Yetman, G. and D. Balk, 2012. Mapping populations at risk: Improving spatial demographic data for infectious disease modeling and deriving health metric. Population Health Metrics, 10: 8.

Pricope, N.G. and M.W. Binford, 2012. A spatio-temporal analysis of fire recurrence and extent for semi-arid savanna ecosystems in Southern Africa using moderate resolution satellite imagery. Journal of Environmental Management, 100: 72-85.

Qi, Q., Guerra, C.A., Moyes, C.L., Elyazar, I.R.F., Gething, P.W., Hay, S.I., and A.J. Tatem, 2012. The effects of urbanization on global Plasmodium vivax malaria transmission. Malaria  Journal, 11: 403.

Qi, Q., Yang, Y. and J. Zhang, 2013. Attitudes and experiences of tourists on calligraphic landscapes: A case study of Guilin, China. Landscape and Urban Planning. DOI: 10.1016/j.landurbplan.2013.01.007

Constantino, P., Carlos, H., Ramahlo, E.,   Rostant, L.,   Marinelli, C., Teles, D., Fonseca-Junior, S., Fernandes, R. and J. Valsecchi, 2012.  Empowering local people through community-based resource monitoring: A comparison of Brazil and Namibia. Ecology and Society, 17(4), 22.

Schramski, S. and E. Keys, 2013. Smallholder response to Hurricane Dean: Creating new human ecologies through charcoal production.” Natural Hazards Review, 14(4), 211–219.

Staub, C. G., Binford, M. W. and F.R. Stevens, 2013. Elephant herbivory in Majete Wildlife Reserve, Malawi. African Journal of Ecology. DOI: 10.1111/aje.12064

Hamilton, L.C., Hartter, J., Safford, T.G., and F.R. Stevens, 2013. Rural environmental concern: Effects of position, partisanship and place.  Rural Sociology, doi/10.1111/ruso.12023/pdf

Sun. J, 2013. Exploring edge complexity in remote sensing vegetation index imageries, Journal of Land Use Science. DOI:10.1080/1747423X.2012.756071

Sun, J. and J. Southworth, 2013. Remote sensing-based fractal analysis and scale dependence associated with forest fragmentation in an Amazon tri-national frontier. Remote Sensing, 5(2): 454-472.

Sun, J. and J. Southworth, 2013. Retrospective analysis of landscape dynamics using normalized spectral entropy, Remote Sensing Letters, 4:11, 1049-56.

Sun, J., Huang, Z., Southworth J. and Y. Qiu, 2013. Mapping fractality during the process of deforestation in an Amazon tri-national frontier, Remote Sensing Letters. DOI:10.1080/2150704X2013.771827.

Szyniszewska, A.M. and P.R. Waylen, 2012. Determining the daily rainfall characteristics from the monthly rainfall totals in Central and Northeastern Thailand. Applied Geography, 35: 377-393.

 Van Holt, T., Moreno, C., Binford, M.W., Portier, K., Mulsow, S. and T. Frazer, 2012. The influence of landscape change on a nearshore fishery in southern Chile. Global Change Biology. DOI : 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2012.02674.x

Palumbo, M. J., S. A. Johnson, F. M. Mundim, A. C. Wolf, S. Arunachalam, O. Gonzalez, A. Lau, J. L. Ulrich, A. Washuta, E. M. Bruna. 2012. Harnessing smartphones for ecological education, research, and outreach.  Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 93(4):390-393

Perz, S.G., Qiu, Y., Xia, Y., Southworth, J., Sun. J., Marsik, M., Rocha, K., Passos, V., Rojas, D., Alcarcón, G. and G.Barnes, 2013. Trans=boundary infrastructure and land cover change: Highway paving and community-level deforestation in a tri-national frontier in the Amazon. Land Use Policy, 34, 27-41.

Yang, Y., Fik, T. and J. Zhang, 2013. Modeling sequential tourist flows: Where is the next destination? Annals of Tourism Research, 43, 297-320.

Yang Y., Liu, Z-H. and Q. Qi, 2013. Domestic tourism demand of urban and rural residents in China: Does relative income matter? Tourism Management, 40, 194-203.

Yang, Y. and K. Wong, 2013. Spatial distribution of tourist flows to China’s cities. Tourism Geographies. DOI: 10.1080/14616688.2012.675511

Yang, Y. and K. Wong, 2012. A spatial econometric approach to model spillover effects in tourism flows. Journal of Travel Research, 51(6): 768-778.

Yang, Y., Wong, K. and T. Wang, 2012. How do hotels choose their location? Evidence from hotels in Beijing. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 31(3): 675-685.

Yang, Y. and K. Wong , 2012. The influence of cultural distance on China inbound tourism flows: A panel data gravity model approach. Asian Geographer, 29(1): 21-37.

Mao, L., Yang, Y., Qiu, Y. and Y. Yang, 2012. Annual economic imacts of seasonal influenza and vaccination on US counties: Spatial heterogeneity and patterns. International Journal of Health Geographies, 11: 16. DOI: 10.1186/1476-072X-11-16

Campo-Bescós, M.A., Muñoz-Carpena, R., Southworth, J.,Zhu, L.,Waylen, P. and E. Bunting. 2013. Combined spatial and temporal effects of environmental controls on long-term monthly NDVI in southern Africa savanna. Remote Sensing, 5, 6513-6538.

Campo-Bescos, M.A., Muñoz-Carpena, R., Kaplan, D., Southworth, J., Zhu, L. and P.R. Waylen, 2013. Beyond precipitation: Physiographic gradients dictate the relative importance of environmental drivers on savanna vegetation.  PLoSOne, 8, e72348, 14pp.

Southworth, J., Rigg, L., Gibbes, C., Waylen, P., Zhu, L.,McCarrager, S. and L. Cassidy, 2013. Integrating dendrochronology, climate and satellite remote sensing to better understand savanna landscape dynamics in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, Land,2, 637-655.