Recent Graduate Publications A – O

Why publish?

Publication of research papers in peer-reviewed journals is the most widely used means of disseminating ideas and results in the majority of the sub-disciplinary fields in which we specialize.  The number and quality of publications are two widely used criteria in determining employment and professional advancement.  We give our students an advantage in the job market and a valuable professional skill by working with them to learn to be successful authors of journal articles before, as well as after, their graduation.

These are the publications in 2012 and 2013 (to date) written by our graduate students (bold type and underlined) based upon research carried out during their time in graduate school.  Papers are listed alphabetically by the highest ordered student author.

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Adhikari, S. and J. Southworth, 2012. Simulating forest cover changes of Bannerghatta National Park on a CA-Markov model. Remote Sensing, 4(1): 3215-3243.

Ash, K.D. and C.J. Matyas, 2012.  The influence of ENSO and the subtropical Indian Ocean Dipole on tropical cyclone trajectories in the southwestern Indian Ocean. International Journal of Climatology, 32: 41-56.

BULLOCK, R., Mithöfer, D. and H. Vihemäki, 2013. Sustainable Agricultural Intensification: The role of cardamom agroforestry in the East Usambaras, Tanzania. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, 12 (3), 1-22.

Rantala, S., Bullock, R., Mbegu, M. and L. German, 2012. Community-based forest management: What scope for conservation and livelihood co-benefits? Experience from the East Usambara Mountains, Tanzania. Journal of Sustainable Forestry, 31(8): 777-797.

Bunting, E., Steele, J., Keys, E., Muyengwa, S., Child, B. and J. Southworth, 2013. Local perception of risk to livelihoods in the semi-arid landscape of southern Africa. Land, 2, 225-251

Cañas, C.M. and P.R. Waylen, 2012.Modelling production of migratory catfish larvae (Limelodidae) on the basis of regional hydro-climatology features of the Madre de Dios Basin in southeastern Peru. Hydrological Processes, 26: 996-1007

Southworth, J., Nagendra, H. and L. Cassidy, 2012 Evaluating forest transition pathways in Asia: Case studies from Nepal, India, Thailand and Cambodia. Land Use Science, 7 (1): 51-65.

Senkbeil, J.C., Brommer, D.M., Comstock, I.J and T. Lloyd, 2012.  Hydrometeorological application of an extratropical cyclone classification scheme in the southeastern United States. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 109: 27-38. DOI: 10.1007/s00704-011-0562-1

Cui, X., GIBBES, C., Southworth J., and P. Waylen, 2013. Using remote sensing to quantify vegetation change and ecological resilience in a semi-arid environment. Land, 2: 108-130.

Fullman, T.J. and B. Child. (2013) Water distribution at local and landscape scales affects tree utilization by elephants in Chobe National Park, Botswana. African Journal of Ecology. 51(2): 235-243.

Reiner, R.C.R., Perkins,T.A., Barker, C.M., Niu, T., Chaves, L.F., Ellis, A.M., George, D.B., Le
Menach, A., Pulliam, J., Bisanzio, D., Buckee, C., Chiyaka, C., Cummings, D.A.T., Garcia, A.J., Gatton, M.L., Gething, P.W., Hartley, D.M., Johnston, G., Klein, E.Y., Michael, E., Lindsay, S.W., Lloyd, A.L., Pigott,  D.M., Reisen, W.K., Ruktanonchai, N., Singh, B., Tatem, A.J., Kitron, U., Hay,
S.I., Scott, T.W. and D.L. Smith, 2013. A systematic review of mathematical
models of mosquito-bornepathogen transmission: 1970-2010, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 10(81): DOI: 10.1098/​rsif.2012.0921

Tatem, A.J., GARCIA, A. J.,Snow, R.W., Noor, A.M., Gaughan, A.E., Gilbert. M. and C. Linard, 2013. Millenium development health metrics: Where do Africa’s children and women of chilbearing age live? Population Health Metrics, 11, 11pp.

Gaughan, A. E., Stevens, F. R., Gibbes, C., Southworth, J. and M. Binford, 2012. Linking vegetation response to seasonal precipitation in the Okavango-Kwando-Zambezi catchment of southern Africa. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 33(21): 6783-6804.

Gaughan, A.E., Stevens, F.R., Linard, C., Jia, P. and A.J.Tatem, 2013, High resolution population distribution maps for Southeast Asia in 2010 and 2015, PLoS ONE, 8(2): e55882

Gaughan, A.E. and P.R. Waylen, 2012. Spatial and temporal precipitation variability in the Okavango-Kwando-Zambezi catchment, southern Africa. Journal of Arid Environments, 82: 19-30.

Fensholt, R., Langanke, T., Rasmussen, K., Reenberg, An., Prince, S.D., Scholes, R., Tucker, C., Le Bao, Q., Boundeau, A., Eastmand, R., Epstein, H., Gaughan, A.E., Hellden, Ul., Mbow, C., Olsson, L., Paruelo, J., Scheitzer, C., Seaquist, J. and K. Wessels, 2012. Greenness in semi‐arid areas across the globe 1981‐2007 – an Earth Observing Satellite based analysis of trends and drivers. Remote Sensing of Environment, 121: 144‐158.

Gibbes, C., Cassidy, L., Hartter, J. and J. Southworth, 2013. The monitoring of land-cover change and management across gradient landscapes in Africa. p. 165-212 in Human-environment interactions: current and future directions. Editors E.S. Brondizio and E.F. Moran. Springer. New York.

Gonzalez-Roglich, M., Southworth J., and L.C. Branch, 2012. The role of private lands for conservation: Land cover change analysis in the Calgenal savanna ecosystem, Argentina. Applied Geography, 34: 281-288.

Faria, C. and R. Z. Good, eds. 2012, Doing fieldwork research in Africa. Special mini-issue. African Geographical Review, 30(1): 63-79.

Faria, C. and R. Z. Good, 2012. The importance of everyday encounters: Young scholars reflect on fieldwork in Africa. African Geographical Review, 30(1): 63-66.

Hartter, J., Ryan, S.J., Southworth, J. and C. Chapman, 2012. Landscapes as continuous entities: forest disturbance and recovery in the Albertine Rift landscape. Landscape Ecology, 26(6): 877-890.

Huang, Z., Das, A., Qiu, Y. and A.J.Tatem,2012. Web-based GIS: the vector-borne disease airline importation risk (VBD-Air) tool. International Journal of Health Geographics, 11: 33.

Huang, Z. Wu, X., Garcia, A.J., Fik, T.J. and A.Tatem, 2013. An open-access modeled passenger flow matrix for the global air network in 2010. PLoSOne, 8, e64317, 9pp.

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Cumming, G.S., Southworth, J., Rondon, X.J. and M. Marsik, 2012. Spatial complexity in fragmenting Amazonian rainforests: Do feedbacks from edge effects push forests towards an ecological threshold? Ecological Complexity, 11: 67-74.

Quesada, M. and M. Marsik, 2012. Uso de modelos de elevación digital como alternativa para mostrar errores en mapas topográficos. Revista Geográfica de América Central. 48,77-94.

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Poulsen, J.R., Clark, C.J., Mavah, G.A. and P.W. Elkan, 2012. Impact of industrial logging on human demography and patterns of wildlife harvest and consumption. Pp. 174-198,  in Tropical Forest Conservation and Industry Partnership: An Experience from the Congo Basin, 1st Ed, Wiley, Chichester, UK.

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Morris, L.R., Blackburn, J.K., Talibzade, A., Kracilik, I., Ismaylova, R. and R. Abdullahyev, 2013. Informing surveillance for the lowland plague focus in Azerbaijan using a historic dataset.  Applied Geography, 45, 269-279.

Mullins, J.C., Garofolo, G., Van Ert, M., Fasanella, A., Lukhnova, L., Hugh-Jones, M.E., and J.K. Blackburn., 2013.  Ecological niche modeling of Bacillus Anthracis in three continents: Evidence for genetic-ecological divergence? PLoSOne, 8, e72451. 8pp.

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Owusu, K. and P.R. Waylen, 2013. Identification of historic shifts in daily rainfall regime, Wenchi, Ghana. Climatic Change, 117: 133-147.