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Masters Theses 2004-2014

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Hanson, D., 2016. “Exploring the Drivers of Remittance Payments Amongst Caribbean-Origin College Students and Recent Alumni in the United States.”, McDade-Gordon, Barbara

Herrero, H., 2015, “Using Random Forest Classification to Improve Savanna Landscape Analysis: a Case Study of Chobe National Park, Botswana from 1990 to 2009.”, Southworth, Jane

Guo, Q., 2014, “The Relationship between Size and Rainfall Distribution of Atlantic Tropical Cyclones Prior to Making Landfall”, Matyas, Corene

Kong, W., 2014, “ENSO and the Covariance of Annual Rainfalls in the Arenal and Tempisque Basins Costa Rica”, Waylen, Peter

Waugh, S., 2014, “Geo-Spatial Risk Modeling for West Nile Virus in Tarrant County, TX Using Environmental and Demographic Data”, Mao, Liang

Jones, M., 2013, “Evaluation of a Feature Extraction Method for Use in River Planform Analysis”, Mossa, Joann

Xia, Y., 2013, “Estimating the Impact of Foreclosures on Housing Prices in Orlando, Florida: A Hedonic Modeling Approach”, Fik, Timothy

Patel, N., 2013, “Measuring Spatial Accessibility to HIV and TB Treatments in Ahmedabad City, India: a GIS-Based Approach”, Mao, Liang

Morris, L., 2013, “Informing Surveillance for the Lowland Plague Focus in Azerbaijan”, Blackburn, Jason

Falkner, M., 2013, “Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Aedes Taeniorhynchus Mosquito in Sarasota County, Florida”, Mao, Liang

Carlsson, E., 2012, “Understanding Influences on Harvesting Species of the Genus Heteropsis and Basket Production by Indigenous Ye’kwana of the Orinoco Basin, Venezuela”, Smith, Nigel

Hightower, J., 2012, “Examining the Distribution of Francisella Tularensis, the Causative Agent of Tularemia, in Ukraine Using Ecological Niche Modeling.”, Blackburn, Jason

Horan, A., 2012, “Streambank Erosion on the Restored Lower Kissimmee River, Florida: What Site Factors Influence Rates?”, Mossa, Joann

Jia, P., 2012, “Modeling High-Resolution Gridded Population Surface in Alachua County, Florida”, Qiu, Youliang

Evans, A., 2011, “The Geospatial Footprint of Mortgage Fraud: a Case Study in Alachua County.”,Thrall, Grant

Duffield, E.H., 2011, “Second Generation Haitian Immigrants and Issues of Social Mobility and Success in South Florida.”, Keys, Eric

Staub, C.G., 2011, “Elephant Browsing in Majete Wildlife Reserve, South Western Malawi.”, Binford, Michael

Walsh, L.G., 2011, “Geomorphic Evaluation of Cross Sections in the Kissimmee River, Florida, 1928 to 1960.”, Mossa, Joann

Ash, K., 2010, “A Cluster Analysis of Tropical Cyclone Trajectories in the South Indian Ocean: The Influences of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation and the Subtropical Indian Ocean Dipole”, Matyas, Corene

Bullock, R.M., 2010, “Rhetoric versus Reality in Participatory Forest Management in the East Usambaras, Tanzania”,Child, Brian

Keellings, D.J., 2010, “The Stochastic Properties of High Daily Maximum Temperatures”, Waylen, Peter

Dietz, J.R., 2010, “Geotemporal Trade Area Evaluation with Dynamic Gridding to Avoid the Modifiable Area Unit Problem (maup)”, Thrall, Grant

Graham, M.W.M., 2010, “Assessing Burn History, Fire Severity, and Mapping Fuels Mitigation Treatments in the Wildland Urban Interface of North Central Florida”,Binford, Michael

Joyner, T.A., 2010, “Ecological Niche Modeling of a Zoonosis: A Case Study Using Anthrax Outbreaks and Climate Change in Kazakhstan.”, Blackburn, Jason

Kotecki, S.M., 2010, “Cocoa and Development in Cote D’Ivoire”, Silva, Julie

Li, F., 2010, “Economic Base Analysis Using Panel Data Regression: a Case Study of the Florida Regional Economy”, Tik, Timothy

Marks, A.H., 2010, “A Floodplain Mining And Channel Change Analysis Of The Tangipahoa River, Louisiana Using GIS: 1980 – 2004.”, Mossa, Joann

Mighty, M., 2010, “Adaptive Strategies In Banana Farming In Jamaica”, Smith, Nigel

Panikowski, A., 2010, “Weaving for Tourism: Women weaver groups turning household baskets into income generation products through tourism around Kibale National Park”, Goldman, Abraham

Serluco, N.J., 2010, “Improving Geospatially Dependent Business Decisions with Indirect Psychographic Measurements”, Thrall, Grant

Bunting, E.L., 2009, “The Relationship Between the Radius of Gale-Force Winds and the Rain Shield of United States Landfalling Tropical Cyclones.”,  Matyas, Corene

Davis, A.H., 2009, “Floodplain Mining and Channel Planform Change Along the Amite River, Louisiana: 1976 – 1998.”,  Mossa, Joann

Hermansen, G., 2009, “A Geohydrological Investigation of Gold Head Branch State Park, Clay County, Florida.”,  Mossa, Joann

Huang, Z.J., 2009, “Location Value Signature and Spatial Externalities in an Urban Environment.”, Fik, Timothy

Kanapaux, W.J.III, 2009, “Livelihood Activities in a Wildlife Conservancy on Namibia’s Kwando River.”, Child, Brian

Riedlinger, L.E., 2009, “The Persistence of Florida’s Small Organic Farms in the Face of Growing Demand for Organic Products.”, Keys, Eric

Schramski, S.C., 2009, “Soot Sayers: an Integrated Approach to Charcoal Production in Calakmul, Mexico.”, Keys, Eric

Stevens, F., 2009, “Bridging the Landsat Data Gap: Evaluating ASTER as an Alternative.”, Southworth, Jane

Szyniszewska, A., 2009, “Determining the Daily Rainfall Characteristics from the Monthly Rainfall Totals in Central and Northeastern Thailand.”, Waylen, Peter

Wolf, A.C., 2009, “Preliminary Assessment of the Effect of High Elephant Density on Ecosystem Components (Grass, Trees, and Large Mammals) on the Chobe Riverfront in Northern Botswana.”, Child, Brian

Almatar, M., 2008, “Using Remote Sensing and GIS to Study Land-Use and Land-Cover Change in Alachua County, Florida from 1993 to 2003.”, Southworth, Jane

Bolden, G.K., 2008, “Geospatial Procedures for Identifying a Prospective Development Location: Apartment Origin Walkable Destination Scenario.”, Thrall, Grant

Garfield, U.A., 2008, “Channel Planform Analysis of the Leaf River and Tributaries in Mississippi: A Decade after an In-Stream Mining Moratorium.”, Mossa Joann

Cañas, C.M., 2007, “Hydrologic Regime and Downstream Movement of Catfish Larvae in the Madre de Dios River, Southeastern Peru.”, Waylen, Peter

Gonzalez, J.A., 2007,  “Analysis of Spatial Information to Improve Retrieval of Cartographic Materials by Providing Geographic Coordinate Information.”, McDade, Barbara

Ledermann, S.T., 2007, “Agriculture, GDP and Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa: Cross-Country Analysis of the Impact of Agricultural Production and Exports on Income Inequality.”, Goldman, Abraham

Magembe, L.K., 2007, “Transformation of Valley-Bottom Cultivation and Its Effects on Tanzanian Wetlands: A Case Study of Ndembera Wetland Area in Iringa Region.”, Binford, Michael

Morris, P.A., 2007, “Using Geospatial Reasoning in Institutional Research: St. Petersburg College Geo-Demographic Analysis.”, Thrall, Grant

Patel, A., 2007, “Trade Area Definition and Calculation.”, Thrall, Grant

Gaughan, A., 2006, “Spatial and Temporal Land-Cover Transformation in the Angkor Basin: A Changing Landscape in Cambodia, 1989-2005.”, Binford, Michael

Gibbes, C., 2006, “Land-Cover Change, Economic Shifts and Conservation: An Introduction to Land-Use Land-Cover Change in Trinidad.”, Southworth, Jane

Lopez, R.D., 2006, “Land-Cover Change, Fragmentation, and Agriculture in Southwest Puerto Rico: 1982-2002.”, Southworth, Jane

Hawkins, K., 2005, “Military Base Impact on a Local Economy: A Case Study of Three Military Bases in Two Metropolitan Statistical Areas.”, Fik, Timothy

Adkins, S., 2004, “Impact of Atlantic and Pacific Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies on the Magnitude and Timing of Annual Floods in Florida.”, Waylen, Peter

Campins, M., 2004, “Mapping the Geospatial Community.”, Thrall, Grant

Cohen, L., 2004, “The Impacts of Illness on Livelihoods in Western Kenya: The Influence of Livelihood Type, Gender and Seasonality.”, Abraham Goldman

Mecoli, N., 2004, “The Use of Geographic Decision Information Systems to Support Political Endeavors at the University of Florida.”, Grant Thrall

Owusu, K., 2004, “Analysis of Rainfall Variability in Sub-Humid Ghana.”, Waylen, Peter

Saarinen, J., 2004, “Effects of Land-Use and Land Cover Change on Storm Runoff Generation: The Simulation of Hydrological Response to Alternative Futures in a Southern California Regional Scale Watershed.”, Michael Binford

Sjoberg, P., 2004, “Modeling Coastal Forest Decline: An Investigation at Seahorse Key, Florida.”, Binford, Michael