2016 Graduate Publications

Why publish?

Publication of research papers in peer-reviewed journals is the most widely used means of disseminating ideas and results in the majority of the sub-disciplinary fields in which we specialize. The number and quality of publications are two widely used criteria in determining employment and professional advancement. We give our students an advantage in the job market and a valuable professional skill by working with them to learn to be successful authors of journal articles before, as well as after, their graduation.

These are the publications in 2015 written by our graduate students (bold type) based upon research carried out during their time in graduate school. Papers are listed by the date of first online publication.

Alassane S. Barro, Mark Fegan , Barbara Moloney, Kelly Porter, Janine Muller, Simone Warner, Jason K. Blackburn. Redefining the Australian Anthrax Belt: Modeling the Ecological Niche and Predicting the Geographic Distribution of Bacillus anthracis. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. Volume 10, Issue 6.

J.D.H. Keatinge, P. Imbach, D.R. Ledesma, J. d’A. Hughes, F.J.D. Keatinge, J. Nienhuis, P. Hanson, A.W Ebert and S. Kumar. Assessing air temperature trends in Mesoamerica and their implications for the future of horticulture. European Journal of Horticultural Science. Volume 81, Issue 2, Pages 63-77.

Jingyin Tang and Corene J. Matyas. Fast Playback Framework for Analysis of Ground-Based Doppler Radar Observations Using MapReduce Technology. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology. Volume 33 No. 4 April 2016.

Yang Yang, Noah J. Mueller, Robertico R. Croes. Market accessibility and hotel prices in the Caribbean: The moderating effect of quality-signaling factors. Tourism Management Volume 56, October 2016, Pages 40–51.

A. MOLLALO and E. KHODABANDEHLOO. Zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in northeastern Iran: a GIS-based spatio-temporal multi-criteria decision-making approach. Epidemiology & Infection FirstView 2016.

Qiao Guo & Corene J. Matyas. Comparing the spatial extent of Atlantic basin tropical cyclone wind and rain fields prior to land interaction. Physical Geography Volume 37, Issue 1, 2016.

David Keellings. Evaluation of downscaled CMIP5 model skill in simulating daily maximum temperature over the southeastern United States. International Journal of Climatology.

Carly Muir. Analysis of Rainfall Variability in Relation to Crop Production in Maun, Botswana. Journal of Undergraduate Research Volume 16, Issue 2.