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2015 Graduate Publications

Why publish?

Publication of research papers in peer-reviewed journals is the most widely used means of disseminating ideas and results in the majority of the sub-disciplinary fields in which we specialize. The number and quality of publications are two widely used criteria in determining employment and professional advancement. We give our students an advantage in the job market and a valuable professional skill by working with them to learn to be successful authors of journal articles before, as well as after, their graduation.

These are the publications in 2015 written by our graduate students (bold type) based upon research carried out during their time in graduate school. Papers are listed by the date of first online publication.

Jason K. Blackburn, Ian T. Kracalik and Jeanne M. Fair. Applying Science: opportunities to inform disease management policy with cooperative research within a One Health framework. Frontiers in Public Health Volume 3, Issue 276.

Lillian R. Morris, Kelly M. Proffitt, Valpa Asher and Jason K. Blackburn. Elk resource selection and implications for anthrax management in Montana. The Journal of Wildlife Management Volume 80, Issue 2, pages 235–244, February 2016.

Ryan Z. Good. Review of the book East Africa and the Indian Ocean, by E.A. Alpers. African Studies Quarterly, Volume 15, Issue 3

Johanna Engström and Cintia Bertacchi Uvo. Effect of Northern Hemisphere Teleconnections on the Hydropower Production in Southern Sweden. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management Volume 142, Issue 2 February 2016

Ian Kracalik, Lile Malania, Paata Imnadze and Jason K. Blackburn. Human Anthrax Transmission at the Urban–Rural Interface, Georgia. The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 2015

Elashvili Eka, Kracalik Ian, Burjanadze Irma, Datukishvili Sophio, Chanturia Gvantsa, Tsertsvadze Nikoloz, Beridze Levan, Shavishvili Merab, Dzneladze Archil, Grdzelidze Marina, Imnadze Paata, Pearson Andrew, and Blackburn Jason K. Environmental Monitoring and Surveillance of Rodents and Vectors for Francisella tularensis Following Outbreaks of Human Tularemia in Georgia. Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases Volume 15, Issue 10 September 2015

José J. Hernández Ayala and Corene J. Matyas. Tropical cyclone rainfall over Puerto Rico and its relations to environmental and storm-specific factors. International Journal of Climatology Volume 36, Issue 5 April 2016

J. Southworth, L. Zhu, E. Bunting, S.J. Ryan, H. Herrero, P.R. Waylen & M.J. Hill. Changes in vegetation persistence across global savanna landscapes, 1982–2010. Journal of Land Use Science Volume 11, Issue 1, 2016

Matthew G. McKay. Reflecting on Access to Common Property Coastal Resources via a Case Study along Connecticut’s Shoreline. Environment, Space, Place Volume 7, Issue 1, Spring 2015

Alassane S. Barro, Ian T. Kracalik, Lile Malania, Nikoloz Tsertsvadze, Julietta Manvelyan, Paata Imnadze, Jason K. Blackburn. Identifying hotspots of human anthrax transmission using three local clustering techniques. Applied Geography Volume 60, June 2015, Pages 29–36