Geography Colloquium: The Geography of Conflict in North and West Africa

Speaker: Dr. Olivier Walther Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Florida Thursday, January 30, 2020 3:50-4:50 PM (Period 8) Zoom, livestreamed on YouTube University of Florida All are welcome to attend. African governments are increasingly confronted with new forms of political violence. This study maps the evolution of violence across North and West Africa. […]

Geography Colloquium: Improving our understanding of grassland ecology and biogeography using NEON-enabled science

Speaker: Dr. Stephanie Pau Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Florida State University Thursday, October 29, 2020 2:50-3:50 PM (Period 8) Zoom, livestreamed on YouTube University of Florida All are welcome to attend. Grass-dominated ecosystems (grasslands and savannas) are tremendously diverse and play an important role in regional and global carbon, water, and energy cycling. However, grass […]

Alumni Adventures: Andrew Garick

Who Are you? Mr. Andrew Garick. I’m a video editor for World News Tonight with David Muir and ABC News in New York City. When did you attend UF? What degrees/certificates did you earn the the Department of Geography? I attended the University of Florida from 1985 through 1990. I received a Minor in Geography […]

Animal carcasses may increase grazing potential and anthrax transmission risk for elk and bison, but differently

The latest publication led by SEER Lab #MedGeo M.S. Alum, and full-time Spatial Epidemiologist Morgan Walker is available in Royal Society Open Science. In this study, Walker and others examined how ungulates, primarily plains bison and elk, use animal carcasses on the Montana landscape. Working with SEER Lab partners at Turner Enteprises, Inc. (TEI) out […]

Geography Colloquium: Spatial patterns in mosquito characteristics that mediate vector control effectiveness and disease risk in Florida

Speaker: Stephanie Mundis PhD Student, Department of Geography, University of Florida Thursday, October 22, 2020 2:50-3:50 PM (Period 8) Zoom, livestreamed on YouTube University of Florida All are welcome to attend. In recent years, deaths and illnesses from mosquito-borne and other vector-borne diseases have been on the rise in areas around the world. In my […]

Meet the Geographer: Mike Waylen

Mike Waylen Pronouns: he/him University of Florida Adviser: Dr. Cynthia Simmons Focus Area: Global Environmental and Social Change Research Statement: My research interests broadly encompass human-environment interaction with a focus on quantitative and qualitative approaches to political ecology research. I incorporate mixed methodological approaches including spatial econometric techniques, geographic information systems (GIS), and remote sensing […]

Latest SEER Lab and QDEC Lab publication defines sex-specific anthrax risk for elk

SEER Lab and QDEC Lab‘s latest publication in the Journal of Wildlife Management examines resource selection and anthrax risk in female elk in southwestern Montana. This paper, led by SEER Lab and Geography #MedGeo alum Dr. Anni Yang, builds on previous work defining male elk resource selection in the same study area and compares females […]