Job Announcement: Assistant Professor in Atmospheric and Climate Science (AI)

  The Department of Geography at the University of Florida, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, invites applications for two (2) full-time, nine-month, tenure-accruing positions, at the level of Assistant Professor to begin August 16, 2021. The department seeks candidates with expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to study Atmospheric and Climate Science (meteorology, weather forecasting […]

Geography Colloquium: Mapping for nomads: using GIS for herders in the West African Sahel

Speaker: Alex Orenstein Data Scientist, ORENSTEIN GIS Thursday, January 21, 2021 2:50-3:50 PM (Period 8) Turlington Hall 3018 and Zoom, livestreamed on YouTube University of Florida All are welcome to attend. Alex is a GIS specialist based in Senegal. His focus is on using satellite data to track drought and its impact on pastoralist communities, particularly […]

Meet the Geographer: Mohammad Mehedy Hassan

Mohammad Mehedy Hassan Pronouns: he/him University of Florida Adviser: Dr. Jane Southworth Focus Area: GeoSpatial Analysis & Techniques Earth System Science Research Statement: I am a geospatial scientist with an interest in the use of remote sensing (RS) and geospatial techniques analyses to better understand the complex socioecological process of landscape transformation, vegetation-climate change interactions, […]

Alumni Adventures: Dr. Hannah Herrero

Dr. Hannah Victoria Herrero – Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Tennessee When did you attend UF? What degrees/certificates did you earn in the Department of Geography?I attended UF from 2010-2013 (Bachelor’s in Geography with Environmental Geosciences), 2013-2015 (M.S.), and 2015-2019 (Ph.D. with a graduate certificate in Digital Geography and GIS) What is your greatest memory from your […]

GEO2420 Introduction to Human Geography

GEO 2420 Introduction to Human Geography In person: HG24(22573), Online: HGDL(26084) Relations between human and non-human worlds have changed over time to produce effects everywhere, like the ongoing pandemic. Human Geography provides an analytical lens to critically examine how and why such changes and effects occur across continents, seas and islands. The course focuses on […]

Alumni Adventures: Dr. Yang Yang

Dr. Yang Yang, Associate Professor at Temple University he/him/his When did you attend UF? What degrees/certificates did you earn the the Department of Geography? I came to the PhD program in 2009 and finished in 2013 What is your greatest memory from your time as a GeoGator? Every time I traveled to AAG and SEDAAG […]