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Information for Transfer Students


Requirements for Tracking term 5 for Geography majors, which you should have taken and been successful (>2.5 GPA) in these courses before beginning UF:
• GEO 2200 Physical Geography
• STA 2023 Introductory Statistics
• One other Geography course, preferably GEO 2420 Human/Cultural Geography

Without these, UF may admit you conditionally if you take some your first semester (generally in cases where your institution did not offer these)

Recommendations for incoming transfer students before beginning at UF:

• CLAS, our college, requires a Foreign Language “proficiency”, which is successful completion of one year beginning language at the college/university level. It is generally best for students to take language soon after high school. If you are bilingual, there are ways to meet the requirement without coursework
• FYI…you will likely need more general education beyond your AA degree. Advisors can give more information on this following admission
• If you are interested in the BS, you may want to take Intro Chemistry or Applied Physics at your college to allow more flexibility in your upper division courses

Wonder what will be offered in your first term?:

• Go to to see course listings for recent past, current and upcoming semesters
• Look specifically at the Geography listings to see options for your first term

What should I take my first term?:

• If you don’t have all the tracking courses, begin with what you are missing
• Fall admits should take GEO3162C intro Quant Methods for Geographers (Fall only)
• We recommend taking GIS 4001C Maps and Graphs before GIS 3043 Foundations of GIS. Students can be successful in GIS 3043 if you are a strong student, a quick learner with computers and good time manager (takes 10-15 hours/week to do well in GIS)
• Other courses will depend on your interests…look at our website, catalog, and faculty profiles to learn more about our courses and departmental strengths

Other questions?:

Contact: Dr. Liang Mao, Geography Undergraduate Coordinator

During COVID, with limited access to campus, people may not receive phone messages. For a quicker response, please use email.

Office: 3121 Turlington; E-mail ( or Phone: (352) 294-7516