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Focus Area 2: Medical Geography in Global Health (MGGH)

Medical geography, an important area of health research, applies concepts, methods, and techniques from geography to investigate health-related topics across the world, focusing on spatial aspects of human and animal (livestock and wildlife) disease and health intervention.

Our sub-focus areas are as follows:

  • Disease modeling
  • Risk mapping
  • Spatial epidemiology analysis
  • One Health
  • Zoonotic Emergence
  • Spatial health disparities
  • Aging and Society

Core Faculty:


  • GEO3427 Plants, Health, & Spirituality
  • GEO3452/6451 Medical Geography
  • GEO3454: People and Plagues
  • GEO3611 Housing, People, and Places in a Spatially Diverse Society
  • GEO4612/GEY6341 Shelter and Care Options for U.S. Elderly
  • GEO4938/6938 Advanced design in medical geography
  • GEO4938/6938 GIS applications in disease ecology
  • GIS 3420C/6425C GIS models for public health
  • GIS4113/6104: Spatial Networks
  • GIS4115/6117: Applied Geostatistics