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Announcing The Navi-Gator, Issue 3!

University of Florida Department of Geography
The Navi-Gator
January 2020, ISSUE 3 (Download PDF)

Evening of excellence

John & Fawn Dunkle Award for Graduate Student Travel: Ryan Good & Guoqian Yan
David L. Niddrie Excellence Fund: Tierney Shimansky & Shreejana Bhattarai
Little Family Student Fellowship Award: Caroline Parks
Ryan Poehling Award for Top Graduate Student: Michael Dillen (Top Master’s Student) & Cat Lippi (Top PhD Student)

Congratulations to our winners! We loved having you all for a night of celebration, reward and remembrance!

A Survey of Tick-Borne Bacterial Pathogens in Florida
Investigating diseases across mainland Florida!
A team from the University of Florida – including Geography’s Dr. Gregory Glass – has examined the distribution and presence of tick-bourne bacterial pathogens in Florida. Ticks were collected at 41 sites across Florida. DNA was extracted from 1,600 ticks – determining further investigation should be done to identify regional hotspots of tick-borne pathogens. Read more on the Geography website under “Recent Publications.”

12/5 Terry J. Doonan
Conserving Imperiled Mammal Species in Florida Across a Changing Landscape
Dr. Robert McCleery
Dr. Roberta Mendonça De Carvalho
Dr. Robert Walker
Where Are they now?
Our recent grads have found themselves in some interesting places!
Morgan Walker, class of 2019, works with Jason Blackburn as a Master’s research assistant.