Dr. Sadie Ryan named 2017 Faculty Fellow of the Florida Climate Institute!

Published: August 23rd, 2017

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Dr. Sadie Ryan named 2017 Faculty Fellow of the Florida Climate Institute at the University of Florida.

The Florida Climate Institute Faculty Fellow award programs recognizes University of Florida faculty who are making outstanding research, extension, or education contributions to these Institutes. The purpose of these awards is to recognize contributions that contribute


significantly to UF’s interdisciplinary communities of science in climate, and to provide incentives for Fellow’s continued contributions to the goals of these institutes.

Dr. Ryan will receive the Florida Climate Institute Early Career award at the Faculty Fellow Awards Celebration, on October 23 at the Keene Faculty Center in Dauer Hall. She is being recognized for her contributions to interdisciplinary climate

research, extension, and education programs, as well as for providing substantial support to programs of the Florida Climate Institute.

Dr. Ryan focuses on medical geography and ecology at the human-wildlife interface, particularly where it pertains to disease ecology, conservation biology, and wildlife management. She uses methods from landscape ecology (GIS, remote sensing, spatial analyses), quantitative ecology, and epidemiology to analyze landscape change, health outcomes, and the impact of anthropogenic changes, including climate change.


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